Montreal Takes Center Stage with “A People’s Soundtrack” and “Montreal: Mon Amour, Mon Histoire” This Sunday

This Sunday MLPBS is proud to offer a full 6 hours of Montreal centered documentary viewing. From 11 – 4:00 the documentary Montreal: Mon Amour, Mon Histoire recounts in vivid detail the history of Canada’s first metropolis. At 4:00 don’t miss A People’s Soundtrack and the fascinating world of Cantorial music in Montreal.

A People’s Soundtrack

” The cantorial profession is a sacred calling. The cantor is able to go into a whole different realm with the music, a very holy place. The cantor, which means the leader of prayer, is a messenger of the people. Our real function is to gather the prayers of all the congregants and to present them to God on high.
Cantor Sidney Dworkin


Montreal has long been known worldwide as a center of cantorial music. The Jewish equivalent of classical music, it enjoyed its cultural craze in the 50’s and 60’s but subsequently came to be known as a lost and dying art. When the late cultural icon, singer / songwriter and native son Leonard Cohen returned to his Montreal Jewish roots with his final Grammy award-winning album You Want It Darker, his collaboration with renowned Montreal Cantor Gideon Zelermyer thrust the ancient art-form back into the spotlight giving it widespread attention.

A People’s Soundtrack explores this long and rich musical history and its relationship to both Montreal and its celebrated Jewish history. Mixing rare photos, intimate interviews, candid family moments and performance footage from some of the city’s greatest Jewish tenors, A People’s Soundtrack celebrates the unique ways the active voices of today are fighting to keep the ritual observances and emotional expressions of their communities alive.

Tune in to see this amazing documentary Sunday, September 1st from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Montreal: Mon Amour, Mon Histoire

Explore the vibrant history of Montreal with this amazing 5 part documentary. The full series will broadcast from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday, September 1st.

11:00 The River & Its Island

12:00 Maisonneuve: Cradle of Industry

1:00 Around the Mountain

2:00 La Main: Street of Immigrants

3:00 Downtown: Age of Lights

Filmmaker Paul Carvalho joins us to talk about his documentary that chronicles Canada’s first great metropolis.
  1. I would like to know when “A people’s soundtrack” will be on again. I enjoyed it very much and my friend is interested is seeing this.
    Please let me know – or where I can purchase a copy. Thanks so much.

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