Canadian Friends of Mountain Lake PBS donates over 150 books to the Fraser Hickson Library


Les Amis canadiens de Mountain Lake PBS à donné au-dessus de 150 livres au programme Minibiblios de la bibliothèque Fraser Hickson.


The Fraser Hickson Library is an independent library that has been serving Quebec since 1885, working with the community to improve the lives of our citizens by providing access to books.

The library’s Minibiblios program provides an efficient and cost-effective way to build community via access to books and materials where they are needed the most.  The library works in partnership with the community at multiple locations throughout the city, providing training, materials and promotion.

Canadian Friends of Mountain Lake PBS is proud to support the Fraser Hickson Library’s Minibilblios with the Canadian Friends of Mountain Lake PBS Special Collection.  “We are thrilled to be partnering with Canadian Friends of Mountain Lake PBS,” said Helen Fortin, Executive Director of the Fraser Hickson Library. “Reading to your children regularly gives them extraordinary benefits.  This special collection will touch the lives of hundreds of children in Montreal. Thank you!”

The books are already being enjoyed by parents and kids alike. “I believe reading to children helps tremendously with their development,” said Lisa Lemelin, mother of two and avid reader. “We’ve been reading to our children since they were born! Having them just hear your voice and hearing a lot of different words repeated over and over again and seeing the pictures that go with them in the books helps them learn the meaning of those words.”

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