Brand-New Show, “Let’s Learn,” Added to Mountain Lake PBS Learning at Home Block

Mountain Lake PBS is excited to feature a new program, “Let’s Learn,” during the weekday Learning at Home block.

Beginning January 4th at 12pm Mountain Lake PBS will feature a new program, Let’s Learn. This program will air weekdays from 12pm to 1pm during the Learning at Home program block.  

Let’s Learn is an educational public television series for children ages 3 to 8, featuring lessons by educators, STEM specialists, teaching artists, and others. 130 one-hour programs include instruction in literacy, math, science, social studies and the arts to support children and parents who are engaged in hybrid or remote learning. The series also supports social-emotional learning and brings viewers on virtual field trips to see dance performances, meet animals, visit botanical gardens and more.  

Let’s Learn creates engaging, authentic, and interactive lessons that are accessible to students from their homes. Literacy is the foundation of every episode, aiming to improve children’s language capabilities, while also providing opportunities to expand their knowledge on topics like science and math. Lessons incorporate grade and age-appropriate material, connected to content standards, and are planned with Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education (CR-SE) in mind to embrace students’ identities.  

Parents and caregivers looking for ways to complement or enhance their children’s remote learning can utilize Let’s Learn daily through story reading, science discovery, singing, playing and more right at home. In addition, The Let’s Learn Collection of literacy, math, science, and social studies segments, along with related resources, is available on PBS LearningMedia here:  

For more program information and to explore associated educational resources, visit the Let’s Learn Website here:   

Let’s Learn joins Mountain Lake PBS’ existing Learning at Home schedule to create a three hour block of educational programs supporting children and families whether they are learning in school or at home. The Learning at Home block by Mountain Lake PBS features programs and films appropriate for school-age children, and is paired with media-rich resources on PBS LearningMedia.

The Learning at Home block airs
Monday-Friday, 12-3 PM

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