Brand New PBS KIDS Show: Rosie’s Rules

Watch the premiere of the brand new PBS KIDS show Rosie’s Rules on Monday, October 3rd at 11 AM!

Rosie’s Rules is an animated preschool comedy series that follows the adventures of Rosie Fuentes, an inquisitive and hilarious 5-year-old girl just starting to learn about the wow-mazing world beyond her family walls. And she is ready to learn it all…by figuring it out herself.

Rosie’s Rules aims to teach children concrete social studies lessons about how a community works, helping them develop an awareness of themselves as individuals and as part of a broader society. Like many children across the country, Rosie is part of a blended, multicultural family; Papá is from Mexico City and Mom is from rural Wisconsin. Rosie has a little brother, Iggy, and an older sister, Crystal, who is Mom’s child from her first marriage. The Fuentes family lives together in suburban Texas with their cat (and Rosie’s partner-in-crime), Gatita.

Rosie is bilingual in English and Spanish and loves to celebrate her multicultural identity. Throughout the series, she joyfully introduces viewers to the art, traditions and foods of the Southwest, Midwest and Mexico.

Watch weekdays at 11 AM on Mountain Lake PBS and PBS Kids 24/7, or stream it anytime on the PBS Kids video app.

Join in the Fun With Rosie and Her Friends!

“Rosie’s Rules” Combines Culture, Curiosity, and Comedy

Grades PreK-K
Discover what makes Rosie, her family, and their relationships and adventures so relatable in this behind-the-scenes interview with the producers of the new “Rosie’s Rules.”

Make Rosie’s Cheesy Popcorn for Movie Night

Grades PreK-K
This cheesy popcorn recipe is fun to make and delicious to eat! With a dairy-free option, it’s perfect for everyone to enjoy. Try making this movie night snack with your children as you work together in the kitchen.

Make Your Own Colorful Papel Picado

Grades PreK-K
Papel picado is beautiful paper art used to decorate many different festive occasions in Mexico. You and your child can experiment with cutting shapes and unfolding to reveal your own unique papel picado patterns!

“Rosie’s Rules” Activity & Coloring Sheets

Grades PreK-K
Kids will love these printable activity and coloring sheets featuring Rosie and her family. Try to finish them all before the series premier on October 3rd!

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