Brand New PBS KIDS Show: Alma’s Way

Watch the premiere of the brand new PBS KIDS show Alma’s Way on Monday, October 4th at 9:30 & 10 AM!

Alma’s Way, a new series from creatorSonia Manzano, beloved by generations as “Maria” on Sesame Street and who broke new ground as one of the first Latino characters on national TV, is coming to PBS KIDS!

Have you ever wished that you could pause life long enough to figure out the answers to your problems? Well, 6-year-old Alma Rivera does that every day! Alma is a proud, confident Puerto Rican girl living a fast-paced life in the Bronx alongside her family, friends, and neighbors.

Alma’s Way is an engaging animated series for kids ages 4 to 6 focused on critical thinking and helping young viewers to discover their own unique voices and find solutions to challenges. Come along with Alma as she learns to think for herself, make decisions, and understand other people’s points of view—while making lots of messy and hilarious mistakes all along the way.

Watch weekdays at 9:30 AM on Mountain Lake PBS and PBS Kids 24/7, or stream it anytime on the PBS Kids video app.

Join in the Fun With Alma and Her Friends!

Thinking It Through: The Real-Life Inspiration Behind “Alma’s Way”

Meet Alma! Learn about the inspiration behind “Alma’s Way,” a vibrant new animated series that gives children the power to find answers to their problems, express their feelings, and respect the unique perspectives of others.

Make Abuela Cecilia’s Mofongo

Mofongo is a classic Puerto Rican dish that you and your child can make together — using six ingredients! Get ready to peel, chop, and mash away for a delicious snack or side.

Paint the View From Your Window

What is special or unique about your neighborhood? What is your child’s favorite thing about your neighborhood? Create a picture of your neighborhood by having your child draw or paint the view outside your window.

Create a Hero Song

Help your child identify and celebrate one of their personal heroes with this easy activity! This activity is a wonderful conversation starter to help children talk about why they are inspired by their hero. Once they share their ideas, your child can make up a hero song for the person they admire.

Art Express: Maria on Sesame Street

Mountain Lake PBS producer Paul Larson interviewsSonia Manzano, who plays Maria on Sesame Street, in this classic Art Express segment. Learn about the art and educative value of puppetry and music through television and watch exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of Sesame Street. Manzano also discusses the importance of celebrating Latin American culture on television during the early 1970s, when few Latin Americans appeared on TV.

Visit Alma’s Way on PBS Kids for even more games, crafts, and activities!And look out for educator resources on PBS LearningMedia, launching soon.