Boreas Ponds Forum

Should New York reform how it classifies and manages wild lands in the Adirondack Park? Many stakeholders, who have taken part in months of public hearings over how the newly purchased Boreas Ponds Tract should be classified, say the answer is yes.

Panelists who attended a forum in Schroon Lake, last week, applaud that the state will almost certainly designate thousands of acres of these former timberlands to be protected wilderness. However, access to, and the types of recreation that will be allowed closer to the Boreas Ponds are major issues. Many say the state did a poor job of surveying and documenting old logging roads and trails – raising questions about what types of recreation should be allowed, and whether it should include mountain bikes or even snowmobiles. Many on the panel are disappointed the Adirondack Park Agency, which has yet to decide how to classify the 20-thousand acres of Boreas Ponds land, is considering only four options. Some panelists called on the state to do more comprehensive, regional planning in the Adirondack Park.

Watch the full 2-hour forum from February 2, 2017 here: