Beloved pets get a fresh start, and America wakes from winter | Passport Picks

April 11th is National Pet Day and we are celebrating these animal’s new lease on life thanks to technological advances. Left disabled without fins, flippers, beaks, or tails because of disease, accidents, or even human cruelty, some animals need what amounts to a miracle. Amazing prosthetics made possible by the latest engineering and technology are able to provide just what they need, and scientists are finding that innovations created in the process are benefiting both animals and humans.

NATURE Presents American Spring LIVE!

This three-day event gives you a front row seat to the start of spring! Join scientists in the field as they make real-time observations and discoveries about how longer days and warming temperatures trigger big changes in animals and plants. And it’s not all up to the experts. You can play a part too and become a citizen scientist in pursuit of critical data on the science of spring.

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