Beat the Heat with Water Balloon Fun!

Summer is in full swing and the heat is on! Which means it’s time to bust out the garden hose because it’s National Water Balloon Day on Friday, August 6th.

Keep scrolling for fun ways to cool down and get into the action, but first…. ever wonder how one of the best ways to beat the heat got it’s start?

A little history…
In 1950, English inventor Edgar Ellington was attempting to create a waterproof sock out of latex and cotton. In a test, he filled his new sock with water, which began to rush out the sides. Upset, he threw the water-filled sock in anger. It burst! Realizing just how much fun this could be, Ellington’s “water grenades” hit the market soon after and a classic summertime toy was born.

A Burst of Fun & Games

Water Balloon Sidewalk Math

You’ll need: water balloons (at least 5 for each round), sidewalk chalk

Tossing water balloons at numbers on the sidewalk is not only fun, but it gives children a chance to put their math skills to the test! Grab your chalk and draw several numbered targets – they can be in a row or scrambled across the sidewalk for more of a challenge.

Now it’s time for your child to start tossing! After each water balloon is thrown, ask your child to say the numbers on each target that got a direct hit to calculate the score for the round. Then, see if she can add the numbers. For higher-level math, ask older children to multiply the numbers instead.

Towel Toss Game

You’ll need: water balloons, 2 towels

This water balloon game is super fun, but it’s not as easy as it looks! Break up into two teams, with one player on either end of each towel. The goal of this game is to toss a water balloon from towel to towel, or team to team, without breaking it. Make sure everyone holds their towel tight at the ends before they give the first toss.

In the beginning it might seem difficult, but keep on practicing. The team who catches the water balloon the most times before it breaks is the winner!

Water Balloon Hunt

You’ll need: water balloons, buckets for each player, and some stellar hiding places

Hide water balloons around the backyard like an Easter egg hunt and see how many each player can find. Make sure to put them in your bucket without breaking them to ensure you’re the top scoring water balloon collector of all!

Water Balloon Drop

You’ll need: water balloons, measuring tape or ruler, step-ladder or flight of steps outdoors, and an adult to help supervise

Add some STEM experimentation into the mix! Drop water balloons from different heights to see how they can create bigger or smaller splashes when hitting the ground. For more scientific fun, first measure each of the heights you plan to drop your water balloons from and make predictions on which will give the biggest splatter pattern. Then, test your theories!

A Good Old Fashioned Water Balloon Fight!

You’ll need: Water balloons, water balloons and more water balloons!

When all else fails… bring on the water balloon fight! Fill up buckets with as many water balloons as they can hold, or create piles across the lawn to grab from on the run. Have your family split up into teams or every person for themselves – there’s no wrong way to play!

Remember to clean up afterwards! Help keep the backyard tidy and animals safe from any small, plastic bits from broken balloons.