Baking with Julia | Passport Pick [9/10]

My favorite way to welcome the cooler nights and changing colors of fall is with some delicious home cooked meals and my family’s favorite baked goods. And who better to celebrate this time of year with than Julia Child, the master of all things savory, sweet and in between. Bon Appétit! ⎯ Logan

Baking with Julia presents the delicious details for making foods that Americans crave and that home bakers want to create: loaves of hearty whole-wheat bread, focaccia rich with olive oil and herbs, high-domed breakfast muffins, daintily decorated petits fours, feather-light meringues, and a variety of cookies and cakes. Together with the country’s most outstanding pastry chefs and bakers, teachers, and cookbook authors, Julia Child shares indispensable techniques, time-honored tips, and meticulously tested recipes that make home baking successful and satisfying.

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