Author Mary Paladin Discusses Her Book About The Adirondacks

Author Mary Paladin spends half her life in Pennsylvania and the other half in the Adirondacks of New York State. She discusses her book of anecdotes, “The Adirondacks That are the Other Half of Me” with producer Paul Larson. Larson hosts Author Visits, an online series about the inspiration behind literature, as well as the process of writing and publishing books.

Author Bio

Mary A. Paladin was born in the Susquehanna River Valley of central Pennsylvania. She spends her summers in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. These two scenic regions have provided her with an enormous appreciation of nature’s beauty. An only child of a Scottish immigrant mother (who was thrilled to become a naturalized US citizen!) and a first-generation American/Italian father, she celebrated in a family proud of its heritage. Prouder still were they, to be Americans. Being raised in a home filled with love, pets, art, books, and music, enabled her to develop a wide array of interests and abilities. Along with those experiences were lessons teaching respect for life and all it had to offer. As a young adult, she freelanced in the fashion and cosmetic industry, affirming the basis of her upbringing that “true beauty comes from within”. In her thirties, she became a wife, a mother, and she started a retail business blending her artistic painting with giftware and home furnishings. That gave her the flexibility to care for her small child and aging parents. Nearly twenty years later her business was destroyed by fire. She decided it was time to change directions and return to her love of the written word and still use her love of art in illustrations and paintings. Her child is grown and her parents have passed from this world. She is grateful for every moment she has had to experience what life can hold. Whether that moment is joyful or sad, it is a gift that she will continue to gather and share with others. She enjoys life with her husband and their daughter in a home filled with love, pets, books, art, and music.

Book Info

The Adirondacks that are the Other Half of Me: Filled with tales from the author’s life-long summer residency in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, these stories are humorous and heartwarming, yet not indulgent. Conveying the idea that adventures such as these can be found any time, on any occasion, anywhere, and in any family, “The Adirondacks that are the Other Half of Me” will bring a smile to you. The stories will remind readers that their own adventures, whether old or new, are pieces of their life’s puzzle which make them who they are. The author writes about the Adirondacks as a place that provides the feeling of home. She reveals it as a place that inspires an emotion that burrows deep within the soul and never leaves. Anyone who lives in, loves, and visits the Adirondacks understands what that means. In a region so vast, the adventures and memories of many are very similar. Because of that, they connect through them. For those that have never experienced the Adirondack Mountains Region (and it is SO much more than mountains!), the enticement in this book is justly warranted.

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