ASKMAX 2023: Montreal’s Premier Networking Event, to be held at YOKO LUNA this Thursday!

*** UPDATE : Due to extreme weather the event has been moved from the Boa Vida Yacht Club to YOKO LUNA1234 de la Montagne – one of Canada’s largest dining and supper club experience venues. ( Featured below)


Entrepreneurs: prepare to embark on an unforgettable networking journey at the hip, time supper club YOKO LUNA located at 1234 de la Montagne, Montreal.

This Thursday, July 13th, the 8th edition of ASKMAX, curated by the visionary founder Maxime Butera, will take center stage, promising an extraordinary networking experience for all attendees.


The highly anticipated ASKMAX event, renowned as the pinnacle networking occasion of the year, presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the brightest stars of the Montreal business community in marketing, beauty, education, sales, fitness, construction and many other sectors.

This diverse and inclusive event allows every sector to find its voice, connecting like-minded professionals in a vibrant atmosphere.


As the sun sets, guests will step arrive at 6 PM, and will be offered a welcome cocktail courtesy of Aupale Vodka.

Between 7 PM and 7:30 PM, participants will have the opportunity to mingle and meander while indulging in tasty bites while forging connections that may prove invaluable.


At some point in the evening , the host Maxime Butera will take to the stage to present the key partners and get the real networking started with carefully curated matchmaking and open networking activities.

Tip : Apart from bringing lots of business cards here are three useful tips for successful networking:

1: Be Authentic and Approachable: When networking, it’s essential to be genuine and approachable. Be yourself and let your personality shine through. People are more likely to connect with someone who is authentic and relatable. Smile, maintain good eye contact, and listen attentively to others. Show a genuine interest in their work and experiences. By creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, you’ll foster meaningful connections.

2: Prepare and Set Goals: Before attending a networking event, take some time to prepare. Define your goals for the event. What do you hope to achieve? Are you looking for potential business partners, mentors, or job opportunities? Having clear objectives will help you stay focused and make the most of your networking efforts. Identify key individuals or organizations you want to connect with and learn about their background and interests. Being well-prepared will give you confidence and make your conversations more productive.

3: Follow Up and Maintain Relationships: Networking isn’t just about making initial connections; it’s about building long-term relationships. After a networking event, make sure to follow up with the people you met. Send personalized messages or emails expressing your pleasure in meeting them and reference something specific from your conversation to jog their memory. Consider connecting with them on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. Nurture these relationships by staying in touch, offering assistance when appropriate, and finding opportunities to collaborate or share resources. Remember, networking is an ongoing process, and maintaining relationships is crucial for long-term success.

By applying these tips, you’ll enhance your networking skills and create lasting connections that can benefit your professional journey.

Some examples of attendees and ambassadors for the ASKMAX networking event:


In essence, ASKMAX embodies a true fusion of business networking, knowledge exchange, and summer revelry, encapsulated in one epic networking event !

Embrace this exceptional opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, dress to impress, and become part of this extraordinary entrepreneurial event held at YOKO LUNA

For more information and registration details, please visit:

Corporate tables available in limited numbers.


  • Use public transport as parking will be limited
  • Wear comfortable shoes as there are steps to consider