Asian themed activities and outings take the spotlight here in Montreal this week

The global appeal of Asian pop culture, culinary delights, traditional arts, and a growing interest in the unique blend of tradition and innovation, has contributed to the recent popularity of Asian culture here in Montreal.

Here below are a couple of outing suggestions and activity opportunities for those seeking to learn more about Asian culture around the city:

Tableau D’Hôte Theatre unveils a cultural masterpiece with the world premiere of Mizushōbai (The Water Trade) by Julie Tamiko Manning. This production showcases a remarkable all-Japanese Canadian female cast, expertly directed by Yvette Nolan in her Montréal debut.

Mizushōbai (The Water Trade) redefines the narrative of Kiyoko Tanaka-Goto, a Japanese picture-bride who became a resilient ‘underground‘ businesswoman in 1930s British Columbia, challenging stereotypes and expectations.

Mathieu Murphy-Perron, Artistic and Executive Director of Tableau D’Hôte Theatre, emphasizes the importance of spotlighting forgotten stories in Canadian history.

The play addresses sensitive topics such as hatred towards the Japanese community during WWII, child labor, prostitution, war, destitution, gambling, and contracting STD’s.

Throughout history, the arts have played a dual role as a means of both escapism and education. The Segal Centre holds the conviction that theater possesses the unique ability to mend, ignite, forge connections and encourage discussion.

The stellar ensemble cast and the top-notch design team ensured a visually and emotionally stunning experience throughout the play. The dialogue often takes the form of witty banter between the women, and repetition and narration are skillfully utilized.

Mizushōbai (The Water Trade) boasts an ensemble cast that reads like a who’s who of Canadian talent. Brenda Kamino and Dawn Obokata from Toronto, Katelyn Morishita from Calgary, Yoshie Bancroft from Vancouver, and the promising Montréal debut of Hanako Brierley.

Mizushōbai runs at the Segal Centre Studio from October 11th to October 22nd, 2023, offering a fresh perspective on Canadian history and of the struggles the Japanese faced when immigrating to Canada before, during and after the war.

Don’t miss this extraordinary journey through history and culture.

Approximate runtime of 80 minutes, tickets are available for $27-40.

Get your tickets now at or by calling 514-739-7944.

Making Waves Hong Kong Film Festival

Making Waves Montreal (MWM) is set to make a grand debut from October 20th to October 22nd with six FREE feature films from Hong Kong making their Montreal premieres.

The festival will host special guests, including actress Jennifer Yu & Lam Chin-Ting, actor Wong You-Nam, and director Kelvin Shum.

“Over my dead body”

Opening the festival on October 20th at 7:00 PM is “OVER MY DEAD BODY,” a darkly humorous tale directed by Ho Cheuk-Tin. This quirky film follows neighbors dealing with the discovery of a dead body, with co-stars Jennifer Yu and Wong You-Nam in attendance.

On October 21st at 4:00 PM, “LONELY 18,” directed by Tracy Choi, explores friendship in 1980s Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. Lead actress Lam Chin-Ting guides us through this nostalgic journey.

At 7:00 PM, “IN BROAD DAYLIGHT” uncovers abuse at a care home for the disabled, with actress Jennifer Yu participating in a post-screening Q&A session.

The evening at 9:30 PM presents “DELIVERANCE,” a powerful exploration of memory and family dynamics with director Kelvin Shum as our guide.

On October 22nd at 1:00 PM, Director Ka Sing Fung’s “LOST LOVE” portrays the beauty of rediscovery in parenthood, starring actress Sammi Cheng.

The festival concludes at 3:30 PM with “THE NARROW ROAD” by director Lam Sum, a heartfelt story of resilience during a pandemic.

Making Waves Montreal, presented by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society, promises to usher in a new era of Hong Kong cinema, showcasing culturally relevant and stylistically sophisticated stories.

FREE Screenings:

Register for the films you wish to see at Cinéma Cineplex Forum ( 2313 Sainte-Catherine St W), Montreal, Quebec H3H 1N2, for a cinematic journey that transcends borders.

Learn more about the Making Waves festival HERE

Ramen Ramen Festival : Oct 9th to the 22nd

The Ramen Ramen festival is happening at 22 Montreal restaurants from Oct.  11 to 16

Have you honed your chopstick skills and perfected the art of ramen slurping?

RAMEN RAMEN is back for its second edition, an exciting two-week celebration of this beloved Japanese dish across a network of 25+ Montreal restaurants.

This festival is a haven for ramen enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in a world of delectable flavors and experiences. You’ll even have the chance to cast your vote for your favorite ramen on the festival’s Facebook page.

Yatai MTL, the local organization that annually hosts Japan Week in the city, is co-presenting the Ramen Ramen festival.

Participating restaurants include:

For more on Ramen Ramen in Montreal, please visit the festival’s website.