April’s Harvest of the Month: Pea Shoots!

This year Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Farm to School Educator will be giving monthly updates on Farm to School programming in the region tied to the Harvest of the Month. Each month we’ll highlight the local food and farms’ involvement within the cafeteria and the classroom.

Pea Shoots are an important part of Farm to School in the North Country. They provide a unique opportunity for students to try and grow vegetables in the classroom and learn about the different parts of the plant that we eat. Because school was not in session in April we encouraged students to grow pea shoots at home. Seeds were sent home, and videos made to demonstrate how it is done. We even learned that they can be grown without soil, so if you’d like to try it at home but don’t have many supplies, you still might be able to grow at home!

Below are some photos we received from students that are growing at home.

If you want to grow pea shoots at home, you can watch these videos to learn how!

Grow with Soil or Grow Without Soil.

Don’t have any seeds? If your child is a k-12 student in Clinton, Essex, or Franklin Counties send Farm to School Educator, Meghan an email and she’ll try to get you some!

Things might look a little different for the rest of the school year. Instead of highlighting the works that schools are doing, we’ll be showing you how you can do Harvest of the Month activities at home. Stay tuned for May…Dairy Month! 

For more information, visit http://essex.cce.cornell.edu/agriculture/farm-to-school

Written By: Meghan Brooks