America’s War Machine?

In his first budget that he’ll soon present to Congress, President Donald Trump is asking for a 10% increase in defense spending.  This week we’ll talk with a journalist who makes the argument that for generations America has been addicted to war.  Molly Sinclair McCartney finished the book her late husband, national security reporter James McCartney, started more than a decade ago that pulls together the many interconnected strands of the military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-think tank complex. The book makes the point these forces have come to dominate foreign and economic policy and have lead the United States into endless military interventions and wars, and that America has a vested interest in war.
In an extended interview, Molly Sinclair McCartney talks about some of the many planes,  destroyers, and other weapons that have run billions of dollars over-budget, or were built even though they were never requested by the Pentagon.  Molly also talks about what military experts believe is a much bigger threat to America than terrorist groups like ISIS.

  1. I won’t be watching until the advocates of peace start acting sane.
    The nut shelling has it that war profiteering is the cause of wars.
    War profiteering is always wasteful.
    Most of the time instead of laying this as a ground work for necessary reforms and taking proactive measure s like President Trump has with the Boeing Contract to refit or build AF1 and his success in addressing the F-35 program, he is pointed at as part of the problem.
    Apparently all you have to do is know the stanzas to Give Peace a Chance and Kum ba Ya and you can justify the regressive liberal socialist fanaticism that is anti-war.

    I only wish the some 10 of 20 ecological industries like Solyandra President Obama doled out to his friends and wasted billions of dollars with 50% of the funded ecological industries going bankrupt.

    But lets face it show me a peace advocate and I’ll show you a liar. President Obama and the left blamed Bush for liberating the Iraqi people first from the murderous war making machine of Hussein, blamed other Americans for harming Hussein a bald face lie, we don;t make T-55 and AK-47s, in Afghanistan we didn’t kill as many as 2 million Afghans to clear areas of rebels like the Soviets did, When Bernie was visiting the USSR on his honeymoon.

    The peace movement has more blood on its hands than the US DOD.

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