Amazing family outings to explore this summer

Get ready to heat up your summer in Montreal with a whirlwind of exciting activities!

From its vibrant festivals to its stunning outdoor spaces, this city is the perfect playground for friends and family seeking unforgettable adventures.

Whether you’re seeking cultural immersion, thrilling outdoor pursuits, or indulging in delicious culinary delights, Montreal has something for everyone. Join me as we explore a few exhilarating activities that will make your summer in Montreal truly unforgettable.


“The new Bonjour structure at the Grand Quai of the Port of Montreal ♥️
The perfect spot for the best photos of Montreal with friends and family !”

“Sweet Folie”, the new OASIS immersion exhibition, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal (CNW Group/Palais des congrès de Montréal)

OASIS immersion, the premier destination for immersive experiences in Canada is proud to unveil its latest mind-bending venture: an unparalleled sensation called SWEET FOLIE.

In partnership with Colegram, a cutting-edge creative agency based in Montreal renowned for their groundbreaking visual animations, this captivating expedition offers a gateway into an extraordinary realm where boundless wonders await. Journey through a vibrant universe where an eternal luminosity illuminates every step, transcending reality and captivating audiences of all ages.


The exhibition is divided into three stages:

The first, Murmures, beckons visitors to step into a captivating realm: the enchanting sanctuary of a gentle lavender titan named Junior, enticing them to unwind and surrender to its soothing embrace. This delightful yet eccentric encounter gradually transports them into a mesmerizing domain, brimming with delightful revelations. Accompanying this passage is an enigmatic, cinematic score composed by Ilyaa Ghafouri.

The second room, called Charivari, presents a whimsical escapade at the heart of an imaginative gallery of moving images, where Junior and companions craft one-of-a-kind, fanciful artworks that spring to life, transforming into dancing entities. It’s a celebration in full swing, synchronized perfectly with the lively rhythms of the band Totally Sublime.

Lastly, the third area, Bingo Bango marks the pinnacle of this vibrant expedition. The festivities are in full swing as interactive and contemplative games beckon visitors to move, dance, and pulsate in the presence of astonishing virtual characters sure to ignite the imagination of both young and old!

Prepare to be enthralled this summer at Palais des congrès de Montréal, as this extraordinary encounter is not to be missed!

For reservation times and tickets please visit :

Experience a Timeless Adventure at Canada’s Extraordinary Railway Museum: EXPORAIL


Brace yourselves for an unforgettable adventure at Exporail, The Canadian Railway Museum in Saint-Constant that beckons train enthusiasts and families alike to embark on a captivating journey through time, offering a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor activities.

Get ready to be astounded by a vast collection, immerse yourself in railway history, and even indulge in a thrilling streetcar ride !

Nestled just moments away from downtown Montreal, Exporail stands as a true gem among museums. Located in Saint-Constant, it presents a mesmerizing exploration into the captivating world of railroads.

Witness the evolution of rail transportation from its humble beginnings to the modern era, all while envisioning yourself as a traveler traversing the picturesque Canadian landscape.

Don’t miss the chance to embark on a guided tour that reveals the enchanting lifestyle of yesteryear and imparts fascinating knowledge about railway workers. And for the little ones, the museum offers an irresistible activity—delightful rides aboard a charming miniature train that has captured the hearts of countless children as well as a a full miniature train display :

Kids will marvel at the miniature train collection on display


But that’s not all! Exporail boasts an impressive collection of 130 vehicles, including a remarkable highlight—a fully restored 1950s Montreal streetcar. Step aboard this vintage gem, painstakingly rejuvenated to its original glory, and feel the excitement as it glides along the museum’s tracks, eliciting joy and awe from visitors of all ages.

Exporail, The Canadian Railway Museum, promises an unparalleled journey into the realm of trains with its remarkable exhibits, captivating activities, and an atmosphere brimming with history. This unique museum invites you to escape the ordinary and embark on an extraordinary adventure.

The fully restored John Molson is going full steam ahead !

*The first Sunday of each month, the entrance is free for residents!

Residents of Quebec have free access to Exporail on the first Sunday of each month with proof of residency for every adult. Children do not need to show proof of residence. There is no ticket reservation for these free days. Regular free admission includes access to exhibitions. Some extra fees apply to various railway rides and places are limited!

The museum welcomes you year-round from 9am to 5pm.

Duration of a visit: Between 1h30 and 2h.

To book your tickets please visit :


Museum of Illusions Montreal


Get ready for a mind-bending adventure at the Museum of Illusions in Montreal, the ultimate destination for fun that transcends age barriers.

Located in Montreal’s Old Port, the exhibit has over 50 captivating indoor exhibits to explore. The museum offers a dizzying array of mind-twisting, eye-tricking experiences unlike any other entertainment venue.

Kids of all ages will enjoy these mind-bending interactive illusions !

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? Prepare to play, compete, and learn as you explore more than 50 interactive exhibits designed to challenge your mind and expand your perception.


Discover a brilliant collection of perspective-changing rooms, enthralling installations, and spellbinding images. Their exhibits will teach you that nothing is ever quite as it seems, especially in the Museum of Illusions…

Don’t miss the crowd-favorite illusion, the exhilarating spinning tunnel known as the VORTEX

Experience a mix of classic favorites and brand new, unexplored illusions that will immerse you in a world of intrigue, visual marvels, and educational wonders. Step into the Museum of Illusions and prepare to be amazed!

For opening hours and ticket reservations please visit :

SANDBOX VR – Virtual experiences for all to enjoy !

Kill Zombies, escape from an alien attack , climb a tower , run jump or dive for cover !

At Sandbox VR, (located at 48 B Brunswick Blvd, Pointe-Claire QC) step into a world where your body becomes your virtual avatar, and reality takes on a new meaning.


Welcome to an extraordinary realm where boundaries blur and the impossible becomes possible. With cutting-edge motion capture cameras akin to those found in Hollywood studios, state-of-the-art 3D body sensors, and specially designed haptic suits, prepare for a mind-blowing transformation like no other.


As you step into one of their numerous immersive worlds, you become the protagonist, living out adventures that will make you question what is real.

The various worlds on offer cater to different age groups . Kids under 14 will definitely enjoy The Curse of Davy Jones or even the Star Trek : Discovery Away Mission .

Adults seeing strong experiences might prefer futuristic Amber Sky , horror spectacular Deadwood mansion / valley or UFL Unbound Fighting League

In Amber Sky 2088, journey from the futuristic city of New Hong Kong and soar through the clouds via Earth’s last standing space elevator. Take in the cityscape, the curvature of the Earth, and space itself while escorting a mysterious package that could be humanity’s last line of defense from the Rawcor invasion of Earth….Just watch out for those pesky insects ready to swarm your feet !

For those interested in taking pictures of videos, Sandbox VR always include free videos showcasing your team in full VR action.

Their staff will be delighted to take additional photos and record videos of you during your session.

You can check out past participants experiences on social media via the account @sandboxvr using the hashtag #sandboxvr.



Whatever adventure you choose, brace yourself for an unforgettable experience that will leave you wondering if you ever truly left the virtual realm behind.

  • 2 to 6 players can participate at one time.
  • Recommended age is 8 years old and above or above 1.2 meters high ( Must be able to wear a full body suit with trackers weighing 1 kg for at least 1 hour. )
  • Wheelchair access is unfortunately not available.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women and those suffering from Cardiac problems.

To reserve your Sandbox VR experience please consult their main website at :