Danny Kaifetz, an Adirondack craftsman who builds wooden flagpoles, has brought national attention to a health threat facing millions of his fellow Vietnam War-era Veterans. Because of the way many received their vaccines when they enlisted, a high percentage of veterans may have Hepatitis C and be unaware of it. Kaifetz has led a nationwide effort to raise awareness, get veterans tested, and call on the VA and federal government to cover treatment for veterans. Hepatitis C is a virus that infects the liver. Left untreated, it can cause serious health effects or death. Kaifetz has worked with members of Congress, including North Country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik to expand testing and treatment for veterans. Stefanik is hopeful Congress will vote on her legislation, which is part of the larger Defense Bill, by the end of the year. We talk with Danny Kaifetz about his efforts to call attention to this health threat and potentially help millions of his fellow veterans.