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Hardy Adirondack Mountain folk chant 1-2-3-4 as we prepare to stay warm during cold, snowy winters that can last half the year or more. It’s all about firewood: felling it, sawing it to length, hauling it out of the woods, splitting it, moving it, stacking it, moving it again a time or two, and finally feeding it to hungry woodstoves. Yes, an unlucky few of us twirl thermostats, summon central heat, and hand over hard-earned cash to the oil and gas industry, but the rest of us maintain our trim figures, keep strong, and get free cardiovascular exercise as we work out at the most popular exercise club in the region.

Produced for Mountain Lake PBS by Josh Clement ( and Ed Kanze (

Special thanks to Tony Germano for contributing additional photos and video to this piece. Cheers Tony!

Special thanks to all our business and individual supporters for making Curiously Adirondack happen!

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