Add Your Voice to the American Portrait!

Mountain Lake PBS wants you to share your stories about life in the North Country!

A new initiative launched by PBS is focused on creating an authentic image of life in America and Mountain Lake PBS wants to ensure that the voices of the North Country are represented. By sharing your stories, the unique experience of life in and around the Adirondacks will be part of the great mosaic of the American Portrait.

What is American Portrait?

PBS American Portrait is a multiplatform storytelling project aiming to capture the American experience. This project explores the everyday lives of real Americans: the diverse ways we work, play, and connect with those around us. By creating a nationwide platform for storytelling, American Portrait helps us see the ways we are different, and the ways we are alike.

Engaging with the project is simple. Users start by visiting the project website, After completing a short registration process, they are able to share their story using any of the 25 available prompts. Users can respond via text, photo, or video. After they’re satisfied with their story, they can choose to include or omit personal information before submitting it. Once it is submitted, their story will be live on the American Portrait website and will contribute to the ever-changing image of life in America.

How you can participate:

  • Visit the American Portrait website and peruse submitted stories.
  • Share submitted stories on social media to spark important conversations.
  • Submit your own responses.
  • Invite friends and family to share their stories!

This platform provides a unique opportunity for anyone to share their story on a massive scale. The stories received will provide an in-depth look at life across America and will contribute to important conversations about our culture. Our final ‘portrait’ will become more accurate as people from around the country share their stories and represent their region on our project map. Visit to start sharing your stories.

Watch the docuseries

American Portrait also includes the documentary series. The series focuses on people from around the country as they share their ambitions, fears, and realities. Each episode uses self-shot stories and experiences to tell the truth about life in America.