A Total Eclipse of the Arts

The total eclipse this month won’t likely be forgotten soon by the millions of North Americans who witnessed it.  Even before the moon obscured our view of the sun, artists in the North Country were celebrating the celestial event.  They created works of art depicting light, shadow, and darkness, a Total Eclipse of the Arts.

Art by Carole Bracy

Organized by Foothills Art Society, the exhibit features work by 23 creative people from Malone and surrounding areas.

Spotlight producer Paul Larson spoke with many artists featured in the exhibit, including Patric Hendrick, Carole Bracy, Amy Webb, Marie Cogar, and Nathan Cox of Seaway Ceramics.   Foothills Art Society Board Vice President Jenny Gessler offered additional insight.

Experience the Total Eclipse of the Arts from now until Saturday, April 27, at the North Star Gallery on Pearl.  It’s located at 43 Pearl Street in Malone. 

For more information about this exhibit, upcoming shows, events and arts activities in Malone, head to the website of Foothills Art Society.

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