A Primer on Comedies | Beyond the Peaks Film Fest 2023

Comedic films will make your audience laugh out loud with silly plots, hilarious actors, and knee-slapping scripts. Whether it’s light-hearted or darker in tone, comedies can range from zany or completely absurd to satirical reflections of real life, acting as a mirror to the big issues of our time.

When making a comedic sketch, parody or mockumentary, keep in mind that not everything is funny to everyone. If your film relies on inside jokes it probably won’t be a laugh-in for anyone else but your friends. Test out your film with different audiences to see what gets people chuckling and what misses the mark.

Comedy category requirements:

  • Film must be under 5 minutes in length
  • Pre-production materials including a script and storyboard
  • Promo materials including poster, trailer, synopsis and credits

Students can submit original films in a variety of additional categories including Drama, Documentary, PSA, and Open.

Discover Films Full of Laughs

Get inspired to create your own comedic film with this selection of independent and student filmmaker productions. Explore spoofs and sketches—from ironic instructional videos to a simple trip to the grocery store gone wrong—there’s lot’s to discover with comedies.

Risky Business

Risky Business was created in 2017 by students from Nonnewaug High School. Watch as world nations collide with this silly take on the classic board game Risk.

PHONY | PBS Short Film Festival

In this selection from the 2021 PBS Short Film Festival, Sunny, a young Asian American woman with anger management issues, returns home to the San Gabriel Valley seeking respite from her recent career failures – but a simple grocery shopping trip with her mother may prove more than she can handle.

How To Ask Out Girls

In this how-to style film, learn the ins and outs of asking out girls with students from the Marvelwood School. Filmed in 2018, How To Ask Out Girls is a tongue-in-cheek look at dating that might just be more ironic than it is instructive.

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Submissions are due April 30th with winners announced at an end-of-school year Red Carpet Showcase. The top three winners will receive a cash prize and video supplies!

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