A Night of Research and observation at the Biodome !

The Montreal Biodome is a perfect destination to discover as a family!

On friday, Montreal’s Space for Life / Espace Pour La Vie presented its second edition of Researchers’ Night. A unique event that celebrates the latest in scientifc research and makes it accessible to everyone, whether you are a novice, a research lover or simply curious.  

An interest in 👽Alien abductions, an unusual hobby of collecting animal excrements, a desire to make an uncle’s swimming pool less polluted… It is very interesting to observe how simple childhood curiosity and passions helped to shape these scientists careers !

More than fifty scientists from Espace pour la vie institutions, as well as other organizations such as Universite de Montreal, took part in this extraordinary event.

In a relaxed atmosphere, sitting around “campfires” or at presentation booths on the 3rd floor, these researchers from fields as varied as ecology, urban agriculture, cancer research or the study of galaxies unveilled the highlights and uncertainties of their daily lives as scientists.

All evening, visitors could access the third floor and have a spectacular view of the brand new mezzanine that allows you to discover from above the four ecosystems hosted under the same roof that boasts a variety of plants and animals from across the #Americas in the heart of the city !

Tropical Rainforest ( Parrots / Sloths / Monkeys)
Gulf of the St. Lawrence ( Wide variety of Birds)
Laurentian Maple Forest ( Beavers, Porcupines, Raccoons, Lynx )
Labrador Coast and the Sub-Antartic Islands (Penguins !)

The biodome adapted their night lighting in order to accomodate their evening guests. It was fascinating to observe nocturnal creatures such as porcupines emerge from their usual day resting spots:

Tickets for the Biodome may be purchased online or in person. Admission for kids under 4 is free and so is entry for those accompanying wheelchairs.

*Special packages are available for those who also wish to visit the adjoining Botanical Gardens / Espace pour la Vie.

Strict Covid-19 prevention measures are enforced such as presenting the vaccine passport upon entry, frequent hand washing / disinfecting , social distancing and wearing masks.

For more info on the Biodome, Espace pour la Vie , opening hours and admission costs please visit :