A new budget deal in New York State, interview with Assemblyman Billy Jones

Lawmakers have passed New York’s State Budget for next year, flush with billions in federal aid and strong tax revenues, the State’s 2023 Budget came in at a record 220-billion-dollars. The Budget includes more than $8-billion in raises for healthcare workers and home health aides, $7-billion for childcare, $31-billion in education aid, the State’s cutting its share of the gas tax from June thru December, saving drivers 16-cents a gallon. For the Adirondacks & North Country the budget includes a $4-billion environmental bond act that will go to voters in November that funds projects for clean drinking water and to build more flood resistant infrastructure to better withstand the effects of climate change. A controversial tax on fiber optic cable that lawmakers say has held up broadband expansion in rural areas of New York State has been eliminated.

New York State also kicks in $600-million to help the Buffalo Bills build a new stadium. The Budget deal also includes some fixes to the State’s bail reform law. We sit down with North Country Assemblyman Billy Jones to talk about the new budget deal.