A Haunting Tale of Descent of one Man, told in Many Voices: King Dave shines at the Centaur

The Centaur Theatre is currently showcasing the English version of King Dave, translated and brilliantly performed solely by Patrick Emmanuel Abellard until April 16th 2023.

Patrick Emmanuel Abellard as DAVE

Originally written and produced in French at Duceppe, this new version offers a captivating and emotional portrayal of Dave, a young Haitian man born and raised in Montreal-Nord, whose life takes a dramatic turn and continues on a dark, downwards spiral after getting involved in a gang scheme at a party.

Abellard delivers a masterful performance, shouldering the entire play as he embodies not only Dave but also the other characters he encounters, through his voice and posture changes. His portrayal is both urgent and poignant, expressing Dave’s rage, anger, and most importantly, his helplessness in the face of the choices that lead him to a fateful act.


The production’s simple and understated staging only enhances Abellard’s performance, with minimal props and lighting that allow the focus to remain solely on the actor’s talent.

The musical score, composed by Jenny Salgado, further adds to the play’s complexity, with moments where Dave sits down at the piano to play, revealing his vulnerability and depth.

Occasional musical interludes allow for reflection on the choices that Dave makes…


Overall, King Dave is a powerful and moving production that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Its gripping story and Abellard’s outstanding solo performance make it a must-see play, with a compelling message about the urgency of life, the need to exist, love, and be free.


King Dave
By Alexandre Goyette
Adapted in collaboration with Anglesh Major
Translated by Patrick Emmanuel Abellard
Directed by Christian Fortin

March 28 – April 16, 2023
Adult and Senior tickets for Tuesday & Wednesday evening performances are 2-for-1! Use promo code DATENIGHT at checkout.

Student Group tickets are available for $25.00 for groups of 10 or more.

Masked performance on Thursday, April 13 at 8 PM

*** Language Warning
Strong language and swear words are used throughout the performance.