A cornucopia of films in Lake Placid!

Filmmakers and movie lovers will head to Lake Placid this month, for a variety of films, seminars and parties at the 21st Lake Placid Film Festival.

Enjoy Spotlight producer Paul Larson’s interview with festival director Gary Smith about the upcoming events. 

Special Screenings

Screenings of 22 feature films this year include a beautifully restored post-World War I comedy called Fly Low Jack and the Game, a documentary tribute to a long-gone slice-of-life entitled The Automat, the pandemic horror movie Eradication, plus the locally produced Shades Inside the Blueline, complete with an opportunity to speak with filmmaker Michael C. Hansen.     

Fly Low Jack and the Game

Viewers may also sample a great mix of short films, and many of the producers will be present at the screenings.



Producers, directors, cinematographers and film enthusiasts will conduct seminars and be on hand to answer questions. One highlight this year is the “Cinematographers’ Dialogue.” Panelists will address topics including the visual grammar of films, plus establishing mood and emotion in a scene.  

The panel discussion runs from 11:30 – 1:30 pm on Saturday the 22nd.

Adirondack Film

The Lake Placid Film Festival is an annual event produced by the organization Adirondack Film.  The festival runs this year from October 20th until the 23rd.

You will find complete scheduling, event and ticket information at adirondackfilm.org.

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