Tomeka Weatherspoon en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Tue, 15 Jul 2014 13:46:00 GMT Mountain Lake Journal - July 11, 2014 Ruling Clears way for Mega Adirondack Resort, Rails to Trail Debate, Somber Anniversary, Tornado Kills 4, New Bridge Design, Medical Marijuana, Le Festival de Lanaudiere, Missing Monarchs, Fishing Lesson

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Mountain Lake Journal - July 4, 2014 Made In Clinton County Special, Tech Giant Expands Plattsburgh Factory, What’s On Tap, Foundry Changes With The Times

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SPECIAL EDITION: Mountain Lake Journal - New Face of Heroin This week, we look at how local communities, facing a spike in crime, and a serious public health crisis, are fighting back against the heroin crisis, on a special edition of Mountain Lake Journal.

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Heroin Crisis: Lifelong Addiction, Daily Stigma An intimate look into the life a local man, recovering from addiction.

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Mountain Lake Journal - June 20, 2014 Heroin, Medical Marijuana, Clinton Community College President Resigns, Pathway to College, Fighting Invasives, Taking A Toll, High Honor, Anderson Falls Heritage House Museum Opens

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Mountain Lake Journal - May 31, 2014 Beetle Battle, Sea Lamprey, Special Thanks, Wild Weather, Protester Arrested, Record Carp, New Millionaire, GOP Debate, Living History, Seeds of Peace

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Young Israeli, Palestinian Musicians Cross Cultural Division It's a fusion of language. A mixing of style.

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Mountain Lake Journal - May 16, 2014 Made In Clinton County Special: Our focus this week on Mountain Lake Journal is business and some of the successful companies that employ hundreds of workers and help drive the economy of Northern New York.

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Made in Clinton County - Country Malt Group Our latest installment of “Made In Clinton County” series looking at successful businesses based in the North Country, we take you inside Country Malt Group in Champlain, NY.

Mountain Lake Journal - May 9, 2014 Comptroller Visits North Country, Teacher Protest, New Rules for the Rails, Shine On, Bluegrass Brothers, Bicentennial Commemoration, A Tale of Survival

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Mountain Lake Journal - May 2, 2014 Heroin Epidemic, Medical Marijuana, Call To Action, Environmental Summit, Low-Cost Power, Pollution Control, Vanishing Birds, Students Taking On Climate Change, Team Fox on the Run

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Mountain Lake Journal - April 25, 2014 Cuomo’s Lead Narrows, Another Green Joins NY 21, Environmental Summit, Education Summit, Cardiac Care, High Rollers, Running Wild, Turtle Power

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The Business-Tech Education Strategy, Adirondack P-TECH An experimental education model is being tested to meet the demands of a tough job market.

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Mountain Lake Journal - March 28, 2014 Slow Start, New Technology, Demonstrators Want School Aid Restored, Homecoming Parade, Big Kitty, Clarinets for Conservation

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Clarinets, Conservation at Tree of Music's African Roots A non-profit is inspiring a new generation of music in East Africa. Each year, the group Clarinets for Conservation, travels to raise awareness about the 'Tree of Music'... the African Blackwood.

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Mountain Lake Journal - March 7, 2014 Oil Trains, Budget Hearings, Caught on Camera, Breakfast with Lawmakers, Vanishing Monarchs, Fat Bikes, One-on-One, Local History Goes National, ISAB Awards

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Tales From "The New Yorker," As Told By The Receptionist A chat with author Janet Groth, who is receiving national intrigue for her candid book into her life at one the country's most iconic magazines.

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Students Embrace '80s Hit, Sing with Rock Legends A group of Plattsburgh high school students win the chance to sing backup for one of the world's best-selling rock bands: Foreigner.

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Mountain Lake Journal - February 7, 2014 Common Core Delay, Rooftop Dead End, Out of the Running, Keystone Opposition, Olympic History, Celtic Winter Celebration, American Hero

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Mountain Lake PBS Celebrates Lake Placid & The Winter Games Just in time for the Sochi games, we give you an all access pass into the winter Olympic spirit of Lake Placid, NY. Rich in history, this little Adirondack village has played host to some of the biggest events and moments in Olympic history.

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