Sophie Blackburn en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Thu, 20 Jun 2013 14:23:00 GMT A Chat with Acclaimed Music Festival Director Michael Cloeren Interactive Journalist Sophie Blackburn interviews Michael Cloeren, director of over 80 regional and national music festivals. The video is part of Mountain Lake PBS' 4-part "One Day At The Recovery Lounge" series produced by Josh Clement and Sophie

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A Chat with Renowned Blues Singer Alexis P. Suter Interactive Journalist Sophie Blackburn interviews renowned roots, blues, and soul singer Alexis P. Suter prior to her band's electrifying performance at The Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay, NY.

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Alexis P. Suter Band Unleashes Blues At Historic Recovery Lounge WEB EXCLUSIVE: Check out a live performance from The Alexis P. Suter Band shot at The Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay, New York on April 26, 2013.

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One Day At The Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay Meet brothers Scott and Byron Renderer, owners and operators of Upper Jay Upholstery and The Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay, New York. This is the first of a four part web exclusive series only on

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A Jazz & Blues Festival that is worth going to! / Un festival qui vaut le détour! The 18th edition of Saguenay's Jazz & Blues Festival is starting on Tuesday April 16th. Learn more about it here. / La 18ième édition du festival Jazz et Blues de Saguenay débute mardi le 16 avril. Apprenez-en davantage à ce sujet.

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Saguenay's Jazz & Blues Festival's program teaser The line up of the Saguenay's Jazz and Blues festival is quite interesting this year. Check it out, it starts on Thursday! / La programmation du festival Jazz et Blues de Saguenay est très intéressante cette année. Jetez-y un oeil, ça commence mardi

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A predictably awesome night! What happens when you gather some awesome musicians to play a tribute to Tom Petty and you sponsor the event by a delicious microbrewer?

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The fifth edition of Snoe.Down Festival in Killington VT starts Thursday Now in its fifth edition, Snoe.down, the all-ages winter music & sports festival hosted by moe., returns to Vermont’s popular and dynamic ski and snowboard destination, Killington Resort, from March 21st to 24th.

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Marie-Pierre Arthur nominated at JUNO Award 2013!!! The amazing Quebecer singer songwriter Marie-Pierre Arthur is a nominee for the JUNO Award that will occur in April 2013. Discover more about this adorable natural talented musician.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE! The Zombies - Live at Metropolis (Montréal en Lumière) Check out this exclusive bonus song from Mountain Lake PBS' coverage of The Zombies at Metropolis in Montreal. It was part of the annual Montréal en Lumière festival!

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Burlington Mardi Gras' pictures On Saturday March 2nd, it was the eccentric Mardi Gras in Burlington. Here are some pictures from the parade.

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Great Food and Zombies at Montréal en Lumière! Interactive Journalist Sophie Blackburn is back for a second week at the Montréal en Lumière festival, this time taking a look at one of its culinary showcases, L'Atelier d'Argentine, then soaking in the sounds of legendary rock band The Zombies.

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Another nice evening at MEL; thanks to Argentinian food and The Zombies Good Argentinian food and British music formed the perfect combination to enjoy another great night at Montréal en Lumière Festival.

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Montréal en Lumière heightens all senses! Montreal En Lumiere is one of the largest winter festivals in the world, an annual celebration drawing hundreds of thousands of people to experience the joy of wintertime in Montreal.

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Montréal en Lumière slideshow Pictures from the 14th edition of Montréal en Lumières festival (outdoor part).

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Igloofest; the most invigorating and incomparable electro music festival. For the seventh year, the outdoor electro music festival Igloofest presents the best DJs of the planet in front of the magnificent old Montreal for four weekends. The experience is incomparable!

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Igloofest Excitement! For seven years, Igloofest in Montreal has created a unique ambience in the heart of winter. Thousands of electronic music fans gather to laugh, dance and celebrate in spite of the chilly temperatures.

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Igloofest pictures Mountain Lake PBS was at the Igloofest on February 1st. We discovered an unbelievable event. Look at these pictures to have an idea of this great electro music festival.

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Igloofest's sublime experience (video produced by Tourisme Montréal) The Igloofest is an electro music festival that occurs every weekend from January 17 to February 09. It's a unique outdoor experience that's worth trying.

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Piers Faccini; my words and video could never tell Seeing Piers Faccini perform live leaves you speechless. Interviewing him transforms you. Attempting to capture either of these surreal moments on camera creates a mere aberration. Luckily my memory serves well...

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