Sally Meisenheimer

Losing your partner to technology?...some tips on how to re-connect without distraction. more

Feb 4, 2013 12:01 PM , About

What's your name? Some tips on remembering names in social situations! more

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Some ideas to make your new year's resolutions stick. more

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With a gentle spirit, Carol Allen, expresses her life experiences through writing a book; Taking Care of Peg: a Spiritual Journey. more

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WINK! You'll feel like it...thanks to the great style of a new local makeup artist! more

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Two hidden gems in downtown Plattsburgh, Barbara Hugus and Cache Elegant. Step into her ever-changing shop on City Hall Place and be inspired! more

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A new and innovative marketing partnership in Plattsburgh meeting local business's advertising needs through design and social media! more

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Young Professionals at Free Advice Night discuss how to turn interests and education into careers. more

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Positive parenting to achieve balance and harmony in your family. more

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The owners of a new shoe store in downtown Plattsburgh share their inspiration. more

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This is the beginning of a regular column to answer questions about your life situations. The majority of our clients come to us because they are “stuck”, not broken. They realize that they want something more... more

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