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LISTEN: Birches in Winter

Like you, I note birch trees when I'm out walking, even when I'm not looking for them. What makes it easy? Listen and learn what those dash-like markings on birch trunks are, and how to tell one birch from the next. more »

Jan 31, 2014 , Outdoors

LISTEN: A Brush With Nightshade

Done anything stupid lately? As much as it pains me to admit it, I have. I've eaten wild foods all my life and never made a mistake identifying them. Until now. more »

Jan 10, 2014 , Outdoors

LISTEN: The Fruits of Winter

Some winter days, I wouldn't mind being called a sour puss. My puss is sour because I have a longstanding habit of picking highbush cranberries when I'm out for walks. more »

Jan 2, 2014 , Outdoors

Undead Zombie Flowers of Skunk Cabbage!

SUNY Plattsburgh’s Dr. Rachel Schultz teams up with former faculty member Dr. Chris Martine for a video about a wetlands plant known as skunk cabbage. more »

Jun 27, 2013 Outdoors