Lake Placid, NY

Outdoors with an Adirondack Runner

Jan Wellford is one of the fastest known climbers of the traditional Adirondack 46 high peaks. more »

Jul 20, 2015 12:00 AM Outdoors

Outdoors with an Ironman Competitor

Caitlin Skufca has been competing at the Ironman Lake Placid triathlon for years. Find out why. more »

Jul 15, 2015 10:02 AM Outdoors

Rediscovering how Lake Placid's winter sports tourism began

Jack LaDuke reports on the discovery of a century-old scrapbook that has historians rewriting the story of how Lake Placid started hosting international winter sports competitions. more »

May 15, 2015 12:52 PM , Local Stories

Reliving the Miracle

For the first time since winning their gold medals at the 1980 Winter Games, the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team reunited in Lake Placid to remember the “miracle on ice” victory over the Russians that many call the greatest moment in sports history. more »

Feb 27, 2015 1:44 PM News

Lake Placid Film Forum Screening 'BOYHOOD' This Weekend

Twelve years in the making—with the principal members of the cast returning year after year to film a later part of the story in roughly chronological order—Boyhood is a groundbreaking coming-of-age movie as seen through the eyes of a child more »

Jan 9, 2015 11:56 AM Local Stories

Holiday Gala Inspired by Downton Abbey a Huge Success!

The Holiday Gala Inspired by Downton Abbey in Lake Placid on December 13th, 2014 gathered together fans of Mountain Lake PBS and Downton Abbey alike for a beautiful evening! more »

Dec 17, 2014 4:49 PM Support

Lake Placid Family Lives in Yurt

The Simpler Life: Our Jack LaDuke introduces us to a family in Lake Placid that lives in a yurt. more »

Jul 31, 2014 4:14 PM Arts & Culture

Mountain Lake PBS Celebrates Lake Placid & The Winter Games

Just in time for the Sochi games, we give you an all access pass into the winter Olympic spirit of Lake Placid, NY. Rich in history, this little Adirondack village has played host to some of the biggest events and moments in Olympic history. more »

Feb 7, 2014 2:20 PM Outdoors

Skating Superstar Sonja Henie Dedicated in New Exhibit

Our Jack LaDuke has the story of a new exhibit at the Lake Placid Olympic Museum dedicated to Sonja Henie, an Olympic legend who was the first superstar of figure skating. more »

Jan 10, 2014 2:02 PM Arts & Culture

What is the shared experience in a digital age?

What is the "shared experience" of watching movies? How do we keep small theaters relevant in an age of Netflix, wireless devices, and powerful Hollywood forces? Are we heading into a future with less cinematic diversity? more »

May 23, 2013 3:17 PM Arts & Culture