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Mountain Lake Moves is a focus at the station to encourage healthy eating and physical fitness in kids and families.

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The Little 46'er

It’s a well-worn quest dating back nearly a century. Hikers from all over set out to conquer the 46 traditional Adirondack high peaks. They come in many ages... and sizes. more »

May 24, 2013 Outdoors

The beauty of fishing on Green Pond

"Exploring the Adirondacks" star and Mountain Lakes Moves ambassador Colton Clement gets a feel for fishing from a lifelong friend and shares some tips along the way as we leave winter behind and gear up for spring. more »

Apr 4, 2013 , , Mountain Lake Moves (2 Comments)

Colton says work up an appetite, treat yourself to Schwartz's Deli!

Mountain Lake Moves Ambassador Colton Clement recently visited the legendary Schwartz's Deli in Montreal. He recommends working up a good solid appetite walking around the city, then diving into one of their world famous smoked meat sandwiches! more »

Nov 4, 2012 Arts & Culture

Exercise tip from Michelle Mosher (Bicep Curl)

Trainer Michelle Mosher demonstrates exercises you can do while sitting at your desk. The Eclipse Fitness and Spa sponsors a Biggest Loser Program for Plattsburgh area residents. more »

Sep 12, 2012 Local Stories