Mountain Lake Journal Roundtable en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Mon, 22 Sep 2014 10:27:00 GMT NCPR's Brian Mann on The NY 21 Congressional Race - Extended Roundtable The first major poll on the NY 21 Congressional race in Northern New York shows voters are unhappy with their leaders in Washington and the direction the country is heading.

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Experts Discuss Burger King Deal to Buy Tim Hortons - Extended Roundtable Our business experts, Colin Read and Jay Bryan discuss Burger King’s whopper of a deal to buy Tim Hortons and the bidding war for Family Dollar in our MLJ Business Edition roundtable.

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Republican Karen Bisso Challenging Janet Duprey in GOP Primary - Extended Roundtable We sit down and talk, in depth, with Republican Karen Bisso, who is challenging Janet Duprey in the GOP Primary on Tuesday, September 9th.

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NYS Assemblywoman Janet Duprey Runs For 5th Term - Extended Roundtable The fall campaigns are gearing up. We sit down and talk, in depth, with New York State Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, who is running for a 5th term this fall in New York’s 115th Assembly District.

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Designer/Author Matt Wolpe on Backyard Chickens - Extended Roundtable Chickens have been growing in popularity in more and more backyards. We’ll meet a designer and author who is helping a new generation of urban farmers build their birds luxury accommodations.

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The Hard Places - Extended Roundtable With Producers We talk with the filmmakers of a new documentary on an eye doctor from Upstate New York, Tom Little, whose vision became his life work in war torn Afghanistan.

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Mountain Lake Journal: Business Edition Extended Roundtable Our panelists Colin Read and Jay Bryan discuss an encouraging earnings report for Alcoa, new regulations for Oil Trains, debate over reversing the flow of a pipeline to carry Tar Sands Crude to Maine

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Do fishing tournaments take a toll on the fish in Lake Champlain? - Extended Roundtable A new study answers many of the questions and concerns raised for years. Mark Malchoff and Tim Mihuc join us at the Roundtable.

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Life in the Adirondacks: Ed Kanze extended interview Naturalist Ed Kanze shares his love of the outdoors in new videos coming to our Mountain Lake PBS website, and talks about his new book on life in the Adirondacks.

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Author Mark Barie Discusses New Book on Civil War Era Assemblyman Smith Weed - Extended Roundtable Smith Weed may have been the North Country’s most popular and respected politician, so why have so few of us heard about his many accomplishments?

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Le Festival de Lanaudière Artistic Director Alex Benjamin - Extended Roundtable Canada’s largest classical music festival runs for the next month in Joliette, Quebec. The festival’s Artistic Director, Alex Benjamin, joins us to share the highlights and headliners for this year’s event.

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Do fishing tournaments take a toll on the fish in Lake Champlain? - Extended Rountable A new study answers many of the questions and concerns raised for years.

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An Evening of Healing We talk with the women behind an upcoming “night of healing” to help survivors of traumatic events find hope & strength.

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Miner Institute President Discusses New Lecture Series - Extended Roundtable The President of the Miner Institute joins us to discuss a new summer lecture series kicking off this week that will focus on farm and agricultural issues.

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Yiddish: A Tale Of Survival Producer Abigail Hirsch - Extended Roundtable A new documentary premiering on May 22nd on Mountain Lake PBS tells the stories of how a new generation is trying to save the Yiddish language and culture from disappearing.

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Mountain Lake Journal (Business Edition) - Extended Roundtable Minimum Wage Hike: Congress this week once again takes up raising the minimum wage to $10.10. The measure failed in the Senate and will likely become a campaign issue in the upcoming midterm elections in November. an hour by 2016.

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The Resilient Ones - Producer Vic Guadagno Discusses Climate Change Documentary - Extended Roundtable A new documentary looks as how communities in the Adirondacks are adapting to climate change, through the eyes of three student activists.

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Derek Muirden on New Season of Roadside Adventures - Extended Roundtable Mountain Lake PBS Senior Producer Derek Muirden is back out on the road and revving up for an all new season of Roadside Adventures premiering Thursday March 20th at 8pm.

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Mountain Lake Journal Business Edition Featuring Colin Reed and Jay Bryan - Extended Roundtable Colin Read, Chair of SUNY Plattsburgh’s Economics and Finance Department, and Jay Bryan, Montreal Gazette Business and Economics Columnist join our discussion.

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Farewell to Journalist Ray Suarez - Extended Roundtable We talk with journalist Ray Suarez, a long-time friend and familiar face on Mountain Lake PBS. He’ll tell us about his decision to leave the PBS NewsHour to join the new Al Jazeera America Network.

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