Mountain Lake Journal Roundtable en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Fri, 18 Jul 2014 15:02:33 GMT Author Mark Barie Discusses New Book on Civil War Era Assemblyman Smith Weed - Extended Roundtable Smith Weed may have been the North Country’s most popular and respected politician, so why have so few of us heard about his many accomplishments?

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Le Festival de Lanaudière Artistic Director Alex Benjamin - Extended Roundtable Canada’s largest classical music festival runs for the next month in Joliette, Quebec. The festival’s Artistic Director, Alex Benjamin, joins us to share the highlights and headliners for this year’s event.

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Do fishing tournaments take a toll on the fish in Lake Champlain? - Extended Rountable A new study answers many of the questions and concerns raised for years.

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An Evening of Healing We talk with the women behind an upcoming “night of healing” to help survivors of traumatic events find hope & strength.

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Miner Institute President Discusses New Lecture Series - Extended Roundtable The President of the Miner Institute joins us to discuss a new summer lecture series kicking off this week that will focus on farm and agricultural issues.

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Yiddish: A Tale Of Survival Producer Abigail Hirsch - Extended Roundtable A new documentary premiering on May 22nd on Mountain Lake PBS tells the stories of how a new generation is trying to save the Yiddish language and culture from disappearing.

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Mountain Lake Journal (Business Edition) - Extended Roundtable Minimum Wage Hike: Congress this week once again takes up raising the minimum wage to $10.10. The measure failed in the Senate and will likely become a campaign issue in the upcoming midterm elections in November. an hour by 2016.

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The Resilient Ones - Producer Vic Guadagno Discusses Climate Change Documentary - Extended Roundtable A new documentary looks as how communities in the Adirondacks are adapting to climate change, through the eyes of three student activists.

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Derek Muirden on New Season of Roadside Adventures - Extended Roundtable Mountain Lake PBS Senior Producer Derek Muirden is back out on the road and revving up for an all new season of Roadside Adventures premiering Thursday March 20th at 8pm.

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Mountain Lake Journal Business Edition Featuring Colin Reed and Jay Bryan - Extended Roundtable Colin Read, Chair of SUNY Plattsburgh’s Economics and Finance Department, and Jay Bryan, Montreal Gazette Business and Economics Columnist join our discussion.

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Farewell to Journalist Ray Suarez - Extended Roundtable We talk with journalist Ray Suarez, a long-time friend and familiar face on Mountain Lake PBS. He’ll tell us about his decision to leave the PBS NewsHour to join the new Al Jazeera America Network.

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Republican Matt Doheny Announces 3rd Run For Congress - Extended Roundtable Republican Matt Doheny hopes the 3rd time will be the charm as he jumps into the race for the North Country’s seat in Congress.

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Police Warn of Rise in Meth Use Throughout North Country - Extended RoundTable A warning from police and prosecutors about the dramatic rise in the number of addicts using and making meth in the North Country.

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Adirondack Daily Enterprise Reporter Chris Knight and Photographer Nancie Battaglia - Extended Roundtable As Lake Placid gears up to celebrate the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi we talk with two journalists, Adirondack Daily Enterprise Reporter Chris Knight and freelance photographer Nancie Battaglia who are in Russia

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North Country Chamber of Commerce President Garry Douglas - Extended Roundtable We talk with North Country Chamber of Commerce President Garry Douglas, one of the main architects credited with helping the North Country choose priority projects that have received more than $350-million dollars in state funding.

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Plattco Corporation President & CEO Doug Crozier - Extended Roundtable We’ll take you inside one of the region’s oldest manufacturers, hidden in the heart of Plattsburgh for more than a century in our continuing Made in Clinton County series on businesses that are economic drivers in the area.

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Owens Retiring From Congress - Extended Roundtable North Country Congressman Bill Owens sits down with Mountain Lake Journal Host Thom Hallock to explain what’s behind his decision not to seek re-election this year and what he plans to do next.

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Brian Mann discusses Bill Owens decision not to run for Congress again [Extended Roundtable] Thom Hallock and Bill Owens are at the roundtable on Mountain Lake Journal this week. Watch the extended version here.

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NY Congressman Bill Owens on New Year Agenda - Extended Roundtable Congress heads back to work. Northern New York Congressman Bill Owens joins us at the roundtable to talk about what’s on the agenda in the new year for Congress.

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ARTA Members on Repurpose of Train Corridor - Extended Roundtable Rail/Trail Debate: ARTA members Dick Beamish and Jim McCulley say railroad corridor should be turned into a multi-use recreation trail.

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