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Bacon Brothers love PBS and the Adirondacks

Emmy-award winning composer Michael Bacon loves spending time in the Adirondacks. So does his brother, actor Kevin Bacon. They also are fans of PBS-TV. more »

Oct 19, 2012

LISTEN: Paul Varga from WSLP93.3 interviews Michael Bacon from The Bacon Brothers

Paul Varga interviews Michael Bacon from the Bacon Brothers to help promote our own Paul Larson's exclusive interview with band premiering Thursday, October 18th (8:30pm) on Mountain Lake PBS. more »

Oct 18, 2012 Arts & Culture

VIDEO: Bacon Brothers - Funny stories and challenges faced by the band

Enjoy this exclusive interview with Emmy award-winning composer Michael Bacon and his sibling, accomplished actor Kevin Bacon. They team up to perform as the Bacon Brothers. The brothers sat down with Paul Larson for the interview. more »

Oct 18, 2012 Arts & Culture (3 Comments)

"Adirondack Blue" - The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers' original song "Adirondack Blue" appears on the album Forosoco. more »

Oct 16, 2012