Jackie Robinson http://mountainlake.org/topics/jackie_robinson/index.rss en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Sun, 12 May 2013 15:09:09 GMT ROUNDTABLE: Dodger prospect turned author Bob Garrow One of the first big movie blockbuster’s of the year is “42”, the story of how baseball great Jackie Robinson broke into the big leagues and the color barrier in major league baseball.

http://mountainlake.org/local-stories/arts--culture/roundtable%3A-dodger-prospect-turned-author-bob-garrow/ http://mountainlake.org/local-stories/arts--culture/roundtable%3A-dodger-prospect-turned-author-bob-garrow/ Sun, 12 May 2013 15:09:09 GMT