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Thousands of people gather to dance and celebrate life at the Igloofest (old port of Montreal).


Igloofest's sublime experience (video produced by Tourisme Montréal)

The Igloofest is an electro music festival that occurs every weekend from January 17 to February 09. It's a unique outdoor experience that's worth trying. more »

Feb 3, 2013 Sophie in the City

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The Igloofest is an incomparable winter experience for music lover.

Sophie Blackburn

Igloofest; the most invigorating and incomparable electro music festival.

For the seventh year, the outdoor electro music festival Igloofest presents the best DJs of the planet in front of the magnificent old Montreal for four weekends. The experience is incomparable! more »

Feb 7, 2013 Sophie in the City