Derek Muirden Senior Producer Emeritus at MLPBS is a 25 Year veteran Videographer, Writer, Director, And Host of a variety of Award Winning Program series. en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Fri, 17 Oct 2014 16:34:00 GMT Mountain Lake Journal - October 17, 2014 Cuomo Book, Candidates Debate, Healing Therapy, Bluff Point Lighthouse, Gibson Brothers

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Landmark Undergoes Major Restoration Derek Muirden shows us how historic Bluff Point Lighthouse on Valcour Island is getting a major facelift.

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Summer on Whiteface | ROADSIDE ADVENTURES The legendary winter sports mountains is also one of the most interesting summer destinations.

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Hand Made Carousels | ROADSIDE ADVENTURES A ride on two hand crafted carousels. One tells the history of NY State and the other celebrates the diversity of wildlife in the Adirondacks.

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Sally Smith: The Fairy Queen | ROADSIDE ADVENTURES A visit to a remarkably talented environmental artist who uses nature as her canvas.

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Winter at The Wild Center | Roadside Adventures A popular tourist destination in the summer proves to be just as fascinating and interactive on a mid-winter visit.

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Adirondack Museum Antique Show | Roadside Adventures A look at some of the incredible antique finds from around the country for sale at the Adirondack Museum's annual Antique Show.

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Adirondack Carousel to Host a Screening of Roadside Adventures The Adirondack Carousel will host a screening of the Mountain Lake PBS Roadside Adventures episode highlighting the New York State Carousels on Thursday, August 21st at 5 pm in Saranac Lake, NY.

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A look at Adirondack Wildlife Refuge and Hotel Le St.James Tune in to watch the new episode of Roadside Adventures featuring Adirondack Wildlife Refuge and Hotel Le St. James in Montreal!

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Roadside Adventures Sneak Preview! Come celebrate the brand new season of Roadside Adventures with us at the Ground Round Sports Bar. You'll get a sneak peak of the first episode, and see a highlight reel of the new season.

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Our Derek Muirden Offers Thoughts on Veterans Day Veterans Day is one day out of the year that we set aside to commemorate those who gave the last full measure of their devotion and those who fought, were injured, and survived in the defense of freedom. Our own Derek Muirden has more.

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Derek Muirden visits The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge and Rehab Center in Wilmington, NY Derek Muirden visits The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge and Rehab Center in Wilmington, NY as part of his popular Roadside Adventures series.

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Sally Smith - Environmental Artist The Adirondacks are a marvelous work of nature in any season. But Derek Muirden met a woman who is not afraid to give mother nature a little boost from time to time.

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Strand Theater restoration in Plattsburgh, NY nearly complete The Strand Performing Arts Center in Plattsburgh, NY is nearing completion of its restoration. Derek Muirden takes a look in this Roadside Adventure.

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Mountain Lake Journal - January 3, 2012 Record Snow, Dairy Cliff, Deadly Force, New Gun Laws, Leaving the Assembly, Saving the Sturgeon, Ice Storm Remembered

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Remembering the 1998 Ice Storm in Upstate New York and Montreal Mountain Lake Journal host Thom Hallock is joined by legendary newsman Jack LaDuke and MLPBS Senior Producer Derek Muirden for a special roundtable discussion on the 1998 Ice Storm in Upstate New York and Montreal.

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Wreaths Across America - Plattsburgh, New York Each year, holiday wreaths are placed on the grave of every American veteran, thanks to the American Military Retirees Association.

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Drink the beer that George Washington drank - Plucky Rooster Ale The brewmaster at Legends Brewpub has recreated and modernized the recipe that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson drank.

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A look at two exhibits featuring artist Rockwell Kent Our Derek Muirden looks at two exhibits featuring the works of artist Rockwell Kent who once made his home in the Adirondacks.

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Celebrate the life and work of Seneca Ray Stoddard You can celebrate the life and work of one of the Adirondack Park's best known artists this month. He's someone who left home at the age of 6 and painted decorative scenes on the walls of railroad passenger cars.

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