David Nichols http://mountainlake.org/topics/david_nichols/index.rss en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Mon, 19 Nov 2012 12:56:00 GMT A Strumming Success - Master Luthier David Nichols Folk artist David Nichols is a musician who can create the very instruments that he loves to play. He builds guitars that look and sound beautiful, using materials from as far away as Russia and as close as the Adirondacks.

http://mountainlake.org/local-stories/arts--culture/a-strumming-success-master-luthier-david-nichols/ http://mountainlake.org/local-stories/arts--culture/a-strumming-success-master-luthier-david-nichols/ Mon, 19 Nov 2012 12:56:00 GMT