Borderless North

Josh Clement works with community members and produces his own video content to bring you this web exclusive series.

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LISTEN: Chasing Rainbows in New Zealand

A small country crowded with attractions, New Zealand offers the visitor an almost endless succession of great things to do. One of them is trout fishing. more »

Apr 18, 2014 , Outdoors

LISTEN: Something Old, Something New - Australia & Ayers Rock 2014

What's big and red and rises 1,100 feet above the flat, hot plain of central Australia? Uluru, or Ayers Rock, of course, the most famous piece of sandstone in the world. more »

Apr 10, 2014 , Outdoors

LISTEN: Weird Tracks In The Snow

A creature that hops, wobbles, leaps, and then disappears entirely? I found tracks that told a strange story. Listen to a tale of mystery in the snow and the surprising, humbling conclusion. more »

Apr 4, 2014 , Outdoors

LISTEN: Heat, Sweat, And A Well-Cooked Steak

Is it possible to survive time spent in a room so hot that it could fry a steak and eggs? Listen to my tale of a famous series of experiments conducted in England in 1775. more »

Mar 28, 2014 , Outdoors