Art Express en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Thu, 25 Apr 2013 14:28:03 GMT Art Express - Water Paintings, New Environments Host Paul Larson welcomes viewers aboard the Art Express. In Montreal, painter Victoria Wonnacott depicts water scenes, including swimmers, ponds, and her husband in the shower. Montreal artist Jean Pronovost creates new environments with sculptures.

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Art Express - Virtuosity, Tragedy, Urgency Violin virtuoso Joshua Bell discusses his career in music. A Montreal area sculptor creates to feel closer to her estranged daughter. A Montreal choreographer explores the urgency to speed up and slow down.

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Art Express - Adirondacks, Animation and Broken Bodies Host Paul Larson welcomes viewers aboard the Art Express. Adirondack artist Bill Amadon sees his paintings go up in smoke. A spectacle in Montreal blends animated motion pictures with a dancer. A Montreal sculptor prefers the look of broken bodies.

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Art Express - Dance Pieces Host Paul Larson learns how ballet dancer Lynda Schneider Granatstein continues with her passion even while going through the difficulties of a failing marriage.

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Art Express - Pianist and Photobooth Host Paul Larson welcomes us aboard the Art Express for a tour of the art world. Pianist Adrian Carr reveals the source of his musical inspiration in the Adirondacks.

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Art Express - Broken Buildings, Broken Bodies Host Paul Larson welcomes viewers aboard the Art Express. Artists flock to a park in Gatineau, Quebec, to depict its ruins.

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Art Express - Adirondack Landscapes and Montreal Movie Magic Host Paul Larson welcomes viewers aboard the Art Express. Adirondack artist Bill Amadon's paintings go up in smoke. Montreal producers merge dance and animation in a piece paying tribute a Canadian animator.

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Art Express - Contemporary Paintings Host Paul Larson welcomes viewers aboard the Art Express. Artist Ita Bullard moves to upstate from New York City, and creates contemporary paintings. Canadian painter Karel Funk paints people from behind. Bettina Hoffman presents an experimental vid

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Art Express - Folk Art, Flower fantasies and French music Host Paul Larson welcomes viewers aboard the Art Express. Folk artist Warren Kimble presents his work in Shelburne, Vermont. Flowers serve as metaphors in Arnold Sauther's paintings. The Baltimore Consort presents a French piece.

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Art Express - Photo Models and Paint by Number Host Paul Larson welcomes viewers aboard the Art Express. Photographer Robert Laliberte celebrates the human form, and dresses up his dog. Nostalgic Paint by Number pictures are examined.

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Art Express - Magic Numbers Host and Producer Paul Larson welcomes us on board the Art Express, for a journey through the art world. Art Express showcases visual artists and performers, profiling their lives and celebrating their work.

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Art Express - Broadway & Books Host Paul Larson welcomes viewers aboard the Art Express. John Loyd Young wins a Tony for his Broadway performance in Jersey Boys. Artist and author Steven Kellogg demonstrates how he illustrates books for children.

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What's it Like to be Big Bird? Caroll Spinney discusses playing the biggest, most famous yellow bird on television, and contrasts the character with his grumpier, greener companion, Oscar the Grouch. Visiting the set of Sesame Street was a dream come true for producer Paul Larson.

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Bacon Brothers love PBS and the Adirondacks Emmy-award winning composer Michael Bacon loves spending time in the Adirondacks. So does his brother, actor Kevin Bacon. They also are fans of PBS-TV.

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LISTEN: Paul Varga from WSLP93.3 interviews Michael Bacon from The Bacon Brothers Paul Varga interviews Michael Bacon from the Bacon Brothers to help promote our own Paul Larson's exclusive interview with band premiering Thursday, October 18th (8:30pm) on Mountain Lake PBS.

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VIDEO: Bacon Brothers - Funny stories and challenges faced by the band Enjoy this exclusive interview with Emmy award-winning composer Michael Bacon and his sibling, accomplished actor Kevin Bacon. They team up to perform as the Bacon Brothers. The brothers sat down with Paul Larson for the interview.

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"Adirondack Blue" - The Bacon Brothers The Bacon Brothers' original song "Adirondack Blue" appears on the album Forosoco.

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Finding Your Roots - Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Finding Your Roots looks into the ancestral pasts of real-life married Hollywood couple actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

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Bacon Brothers PSAs on preserving the Adirondack Park The Bacon Brothers and the Adirondack Council created some public service announcements for television stations and cable networks.

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"Guilty of the Crime" - The Bellamy Brothers w/ The Bacon Brothers (Starring Shannen Doherty) Music video for the song "Guilty of the Crime," by the Bellamy Brothers, featuring the Bacon Brothers. Actress Shannen Doherty appears in the video.

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