Animals en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Fri, 22 Aug 2014 12:32:00 GMT Designer/Author Matt Wolpe on Backyard Chickens - Extended Roundtable Chickens have been growing in popularity in more and more backyards. We’ll meet a designer and author who is helping a new generation of urban farmers build their birds luxury accommodations.

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LISTEN: A Walk in a Boneyard It doesn't make any sense. Most wild animals big enough for us to pay attention to have skeletons.

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LISTEN: Ticks Looking For Good Hosts Like it or not, they're waiting for you. Legs reach out, legs with highly receptive sensory organs on them, and they know you're coming.

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LISTEN: A Little Night Music A Stephen Sondheim musical is hard to beat, but it meets its match in the night singing of frogs and toads on spring and summer nights.

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LISTEN: Brown, Furry, And Wet: Who Goes There? Now you see it, now you don't: something brown in or near the water, hopping, swimming, or doing something else that catches your eye.

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LISTEN: The Bloodletting The day began with a mosquito attacking me before I got out of bed, and it went downhill from there.

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Adirondack Terror: The Blackfly Menace In much of the world, the animals that strike fear into the human heart tend to be large or extra-large. Consider the crocodile, the cobra, the anaconda, the lion, the hippo, the tiger.

LISTEN: At Dusk A Strange Beast in The Driveway While I wish I could boast instant recognition when the animal popped up in front of me the fact was for a few seconds I was stumped. What was this strange beast in the driveway?

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LISTEN: Early On One Frosty Morning Some of us find it easier than others to rise and shine on frigid winter mornings. Sunshine comes late if it comes at all, and the temperature at times hardly rises above zero. What to do?

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LISTEN: Snow Day I'd never seen snowflakes so big. They seemed like albino flying squirrels falling Frisbee-style from the sky. The big snow got me to thinking: from the perspective of wild animals, is snow a good thing or bad?

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LISTEN: Night Driving, 10,000 B.C. Imagine it's late at night, and you're driving a snowy road through the Adirondacks, and it's 10,000 B.C. That's my latest daydream. In the beams of my headlights, I see big hairy animals. What are they? Listen and find out.

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LISTEN: Cats on Drugs Beware the cat that's imbibed a shot of catnip! Humans aren't the world's only substance abusers.

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LISTEN: The Little Drummer Boy Do you hear what I hear? It's late on a cold winter night. Snow lies softly over the ground, and the red stuff in the thermometer is plunging.

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LISTEN: Animal House Have you ever imagined what it might be like to slip inside a beaver lodge? What goes on in there? Listen here as I enjoy a daydream----one in which I take a swim in a cold river and visit a family of beavers spending a quiet day at home.

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LISTEN: Thirteen Big Ones (Gobble Gobble!) Sometimes I look out the window at our bird feeder and see lots of tiny birds. But every once in a while the sight is more dramatic.

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LISTEN: Singing The Bobcat Blues Feeling blue one morning, naturalist Ed Kanze heads into the woods and finds his thoughts full of bobcats. Listen here to what the cats had to teach him.

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Colgate University Team Visits Adirondacks To Study Earthworms Worms, WORMS, WORMS! Sad but true---those lowly, wriggling saints of the natural world, hailed as creators and saviors of the soil since the days of Charles Darwin, are now known to represent an Evil Empire. Well, maybe not evil.

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LISTEN: The Nature Of Our Grief Within sixty seconds of racing into the house after we had returned from a camping trip, our eight-year-old daughter burst back out the door, red-faced and puffy-eyed.

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Adirondack Dogs Love Hiking...And Social Media Too! My dog Bailey Van Halen Thomas Mozart Kathleen Clement The First loves hiking in the Adirondacks. This had me wondering if there were other canine’s that shared in the sentiment.

LISTEN: A Moose On The Loose? Day was nearly done. My wife was home from her job as Activities Director at an Adirondack retirement community and the kids were fed and home-worked. All that remained was time for a little fun before bedtime.

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