Adirondacks en-us Copyright © Mountain Lake PBS 2014. All rights reserved. Fri, 25 Jul 2014 09:39:00 GMT LISTEN: Eye of an Eagle The great hulk of the thing was scarcely 50 feet away perched on the limb of a birch. The limb was spindly, and this combined with the eagle’s proximity to the ground and to my retinas, made it appear gigantic!

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Adirondack Outdoor Recreation Conditions Report - July 25, 2014 John Warren of the Adirondack Almanack checks in each Friday morning with a look at outdoor recreation conditions around the Adirondacks for the weekend.

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LISTEN: On The Beech Frankly, they suck. And while they suck, they inadvertently introduce fungi into the inner bark. Listen here and meet the Bonny and Clyde of the beech tree decline: a hyperfeminine aphid and a lethal fungus.

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LISTEN: A Walk in a Boneyard It doesn't make any sense. Most wild animals big enough for us to pay attention to have skeletons.

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LISTEN: Matters of Perspective Defeated by a little bird! It's humbling, I confess, to have chased wild birds over much of North America for 35 years and still not have seen a common sedge wren.

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New "Curiously Adirondack" Web Series Looks at Life, Both Human and Wild in the Adirondacks Mountain Lake PBS is proud to announce a new 8 episode web series exploring the wild, weird, and wondrous Adirondack Mountains and the people who call them home.

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LISTEN: Ticks Looking For Good Hosts Like it or not, they're waiting for you. Legs reach out, legs with highly receptive sensory organs on them, and they know you're coming.

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LISTEN: A Little Night Music A Stephen Sondheim musical is hard to beat, but it meets its match in the night singing of frogs and toads on spring and summer nights.

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LISTEN: Wildflower Parade Spring and summer bring us colorful birds, and their colors seem to be reflected in the wildflowers that pop up and open for business at the same time of year.

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LISTEN: Brown, Furry, And Wet: Who Goes There? Now you see it, now you don't: something brown in or near the water, hopping, swimming, or doing something else that catches your eye.

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Adirondack Fitness: Warmer Weather Means More Outdoor Activity After a long, long winter, area fitness professionals offer advice about getting out and getting fit.

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LISTEN: The Bloodletting The day began with a mosquito attacking me before I got out of bed, and it went downhill from there.

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Adirondack Terror: The Blackfly Menace In much of the world, the animals that strike fear into the human heart tend to be large or extra-large. Consider the crocodile, the cobra, the anaconda, the lion, the hippo, the tiger.

LISTEN: Tripping The Lights Fantastic I can assure you there is nothing boring about the Aurora Borealis. At best, the so-called northern lights reach from the horizon high into the sky, staging a light show without rival elsewhere.

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LISTEN: The Unsung, Well Sung, Pine Warbler The pine warbler is often heard but rarely seen. To identify one of these birds, even at close range, you've got to inventory its features, hear it sing if possible, and ponder.

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LISTEN: Birds Come, Birds Go, Birds Come Again Migratory songbirds rack up enormous numbers of frequent flier miles as they wing north and south and north again, all without tickets or boarding passes.

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LISTEN: The Secret Life Of Pollen Snort it and sneeze, but don't hate it. Pollen, each grain essentially a plant sperm and some other odds and ends wrapped up in a sturdy waterproof container, makes the world go 'round.

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The Resilient Ones: A Generation Takes on Climate Change Premiere Join us for the world premiere of The Resilient Ones:

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All Things Natural Celebrates 1 Year With Spring's Titillating Burlesque! Our 52nd podcast! Off come the snow and ice that clothe the Adirondack Mountains all winter, and out comes the bare, naked landscape. It's spring's annual burlesque: an off-again, on-again process that eventually leads toward summer.

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LISTEN: Chasing Rainbows in New Zealand A small country crowded with attractions, New Zealand offers the visitor an almost endless succession of great things to do. One of them is trout fishing.

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