Surreal moment on Whiteface Mountain summit



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Response to "scattering remains."

Hello Ann Huntington-Lozis. Thanks for your comment and visiting Here's what Chris Early had to say:

"I have never heard of any laws about that. And if I remember right, manager Jimmy Hoyt said that they "rent" the top of the mountain out for weddings. I don't know about funeral arrangements. But is worth asking about. I would have them contact the mountain."

Josh Clement more than 3 years ago

scattering remains

Thank you Chris Early. This was incredible. I found your post by googling scattering remains at Whiteface. My family wishes to do the same for my sister. She was an avid skier and loved Whiteface. We plan to scatter a small amount of her ashes. Has your friend or anyone else viewing this post encountered county or town laws preventing such a ceremony? I checked state laws and there are none. We would like to have family and friends join us for a very low key ceremony. Any suggestions, comments?

Ann Huntington-Lozis more than 3 years ago

Very Nice.

Whether he played in or out of tune and correctly or not this was moving. We have been spreading my late brothers ashes in different locations throughout the Adirondacks for a couple of years now and this brought tears to my eyes. As does every location where my brothers ashes have been spread. Thank you for sharing.

Robin Smith more than 3 years ago

Really cool

That was just a great video wish I was there very moving !

Michael Bordeaux more than 3 years ago


Pity the piper, out of tune and played incorrectly. There must be someone who teaches bagpipes in the Adirondacks.

Leslee Stewart more than 3 years ago

very cool!

We hiked to the summit of Whiteface the day before! I would loved to have seen this!

Jared Stanley more than 3 years ago

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