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Did you know that more than half of Mountain Lake PBS’s members are Canadian? That means that more than half of the support we receive from individuals comes from our Canadian viewers and members. Thank you – Merci!

This ongoing support is a reflection of 40 years of your incredible commitment to enriching the mind and inspiring the spirit. Thanks to you, Mountain Lake PBS’s programming continues to be a spark that can effect change and address the critical needs of your community. Together we make a difference in people’s lives. The power of our cross-border partnership generates the vital pillars of our healthy communities: knowledge, education, socially and civically engaged people like you who enrich and change lives.

Frequenly Asked Questions

Mountain Lake PBS can be found on your over-the-air antenna on 57.1, 57.2, and 57.3, or on a number of cable and other subscriptions services, including Videotron and Bell Fibe. 

Find your local station here: Channel Information

Unfortunately much of the National PBS content is not available online outside of the United States, and we don’t have any control over that at the local level. We are certain to make our locally produced content available. We continue to ask PBS to make provisions for Canadians who are contributing members to their local stations.

Here is the response from PBS on the issue:

As you may know, PBS is not a producer, but rather a distributor of programming. Our distribution rights are fairly limited and are generally confined to dissemination within the United States.

While over-the-air broadcast signals reach beyond U.S. borders, online video is subject to geo-filtering, which restricts the areas that can view PBS content. PBS is legally obligated to ensure each program does not exceed its granted rights, which unfortunately eliminates international streaming ability for some PBS programs in Canada and elsewhere.

Below is the list of programming generally available outside the US. It is important to note that this list is subject to change depending on individual countries.

We regret not being able to offer all our content online to our supporters.

PBS Programs Available Outside the United States:



We do apologize for this issue. 

In August 2015, the Canada Revenue Agency annulled the charitable status of the Canadian Friends of Mountain Lake PBS, so unfortunately at this time, donations made in Canada are no longer tax deductible. 

Mountain Lake PBS is fortunate to have the support of thousands of Canadian viewers through annual donations, and all donations are acknowledged. In some cases, Canadian donations to a US charity may be deducted against US based income. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

This decision does not impact the tax deductibility of donations made before August 20, 2015.

Donations to Mountain Lake PBS can be made here ►

We are more committed than ever to our Canadian viewers and making Mountain Lake PBS Quebec and Eastern Ontario’s PBS station.  With 1 full-time and 1 part-time Canadian staff in Montreal, we are working hard to ensure that Quebecers and Ontarians are fully represented and engaged in Mountain Lake PBS’s programming, activities and community partnerships.

Community outreach

Curious George's visit to Livres Babar Books in Pointe-Claire, August 2016Mountain Lake PBS hosts and participates in family events, community screenings, and meetings including character days at Parc Safari and Livres Babar Books, Kidcon, and listening sessions with community members. A standout example is a recent feature on Jackie Robinson’s connection to Montreal. This project included 3 media pieces produced in Montreal, and a screening of Ken Burns’ Jackie Robinson at the St James Theatre.

Dans la Metropole

Every week, we highlight a few events happening in Montreal with our calendar segment, Dans la Metropole. This segment airs throughout the week, as part of our program Mountain Lake Journal, and is also featured online. 

Watch online ►

Gen’s Delights

Genevieve Roy highlights her coup de coeur food, culture, events and travel through her blog, Gen’s Delights. Gen explores Montreal, its surrounding regions, and beyond.

Read online ►

Dead Reckoning

This animated documentary produced by Mountain Lake PBS tells the story of Samuel de Champlain and the native Amerindians that helped him survive the wilds of Quebec over 400 years ago. The documentary is paired with a comprehensive website education resources. The entire bilingual project is distributed to schools throughout Canada.

Learn more ►

Montréal, mon amour, mon histoire

This series by filmmaker Paul Carvalho will be presented for the first time in English, on Mountain Lake PBS. It is a five-part documentary series that chronicles the rise of Montreal, one of the great port cities in North America. Coming to Mountain Lake PBS in 2017.

Mountain Lake PBS is always on the lookout for new partnerships and new ideas. If you have an idea for a connection we might make, please get in touch.

Questions?  Comments?  We would LOVE to hear from you!

Please contact Ronit Yarosky, Director of Donor Engagement, Canadian Friends of Mountain Lake PBS at 514-882-5223 or by email at