PRESALE: Josh Groban Tickets in Montreal

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Josh Groban

In which section are the seats located ? Platinum, ...?

Alain P. more than 3 years ago


Seats are on the floor, and in the lower red section. Mountain Lake distributes all tickets on a "first in, first out" basis, so right now our tickets are still in the floor section. You can always call our membership department at (800) 836-5700 ext 129 for more info. Thanks!

Jennifer Kowalczyk more than 3 years ago

re Josh Groban

dates of show ?

Graziella Malagoni more than 3 years ago

Josh Groban on Sunday, October 27th

Hello Graziella, thanks for pointing that out. We added the date in the description as well.

Josh Clement more than 3 years ago