July 4, 2014

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  • Richard Pryor: Icon

    Richard Pryor: One of the greatest American comics of all time. His impact on comedy and this generation’s top comedians Tune in and watch how Richard Pryor (1940-2005) impacted the world of comedy. Premieres Sunday, November 23, at 9:30pm. more »

  • LISTEN: Exclusive Interview With Brit Floyd's Bobby Harrison

    Brit Floyd's Bobby Harrison talks about all things Pink Floyd, life on the road, meeting the fans, and more in this Borderless North podcast exclusive from Mountain Lake PBS. more »

  • Path Through History

    Welcome to a Path Through History, showcasing the rich heritage that is a vital part of New York State amazing past. This series will take you all around the Adirondacks while showing-casing specific historical landmarks of the Wild North Country. more »

  • Mountain Lake Journal Preview - November 21, 2014

    See what's happening this week on Mountain Lake Journal. Friday at 8pm. Saturday at 7pm. Sunday at 5:30am and 10am. more »

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