Titus Mountain Madness!



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Titus event!!

Looks like everyone is having such a blast!! The whole thing made me smile!!

nancy Henry more than 1 year ago

Titus Mountain

Thanks for the piece on Titus Mountain. Josh Clement did a great job and it was almost as much fun watching the video as being there...While known as a family fun resort, Josh was able to show that Titus Mountain can ratchet it up to a crazier level. Good fun.

Steve O'Shaughnessy more than 3 years ago

Thank you, Steve!

It was a pleasure meeting you and the team at Titus Mountain. I might have to give pond skimming a try myself next year! 3D! Thanks again for your hospitality. Cheers! -Josh (Interactive Producer)

Josh Clement more than 3 years ago

Thank you, Jane!

I appreciate the comment. It's an honor telling community stories like this and connecting with people who live in the ADK. Cheers!

Josh Clement more than 3 years ago


Josh, great family and community piece on the fun things you can do at Titus Mountain!

Jane Owens more than 3 years ago

Pond skimming

Just LOVED the pond skimming!!! You are all doing a WUNDERBAR job!!!!!

Heyley Muench Germany more than 3 years ago

Thank You! Community spirit ROCKS!

Thanks Sophie, Patty, and all who checked out my Titus video. It's a true pleasure to tell stories like this where I grew up. I'm quite thankful to be a member of the Adirondack community. Cheers!! -Josh (Producer)

Josh Clement more than 3 years ago

nice job!

Very nice piece Josh! Keep up the good work!!!

Sophie Blackburn more than 3 years ago

Titus Mtn

Great coverage of Titus Mtn by Josh Clement from PBS never skied there but was givien a reall feel for the place. Thanks PBS!!!!

Patty Martin more than 3 years ago

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