Meet a New York State falconer and his red-tailed hawk



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My pleasure!

Hi Connor. I appreciate the kind words. Thank you for sharing your story on a moments notice. It was exciting to show I can capture compelling information by simply using a phone I pulled out of my pocket. Just like you I have a passion for what I do. Best of luck to you and Vladimir on all your future endeavors. Cheers! -Josh

Josh Clement more than 3 years ago

Thank You!

Hey Josh,

Just watched the video and I could not be more elated! I definetly loved it and it shows Vlad very well! It was an honor to be interviewed for something I have been so pasionate about. I never thought that I would ever get this kind of recognition for becoming a falconer!

Thanks again, Connor Paschke

Connor Paschke more than 3 years ago

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