Remembering the 1998 Ice Storm in Upstate New York and Montreal

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Remembering a student's response

I was teaching my Environmental History course at Hartwick College (Oneonta, NY) the fall after this storm hit. One of my very good students lived in the North Country and his family's woods were devastated. For a class assignment on the environment of student's home community and family, he wrote this incredibly poignant essay about how it pained him to walk through the bent and broken landscape, through woods he had formerly hiked, enjoying their peace and beauty. I wish I had kept a copy of his essay. This is an excellent film and I thank Derek Muirden, Jack LaDuke and Thom Hallock. I also teach a mini-course on Winter & the Environment in History and Folklore and plan to show this interview. Thank you. And Happy New Year. Edie Quinn

Edythe Ann Quinn, Ph.D. more than 3 years ago

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