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Don Hassig is an idiot and a loser, no wonder no one wants to talk to him

Dave more than 3 years ago

Overcoming Exclusionary Acts of Powerful People Who Oppose Change

The Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce demonstrated its belief in the importance of an informed electorate when it decided to invite all ballot line candidates to its September 25th Candidate Forum. I very much enjoyed being part of this premiere Campaign 2012 event.

It appears that there are powerful entities in the 21st Congressional District that do not share this belief. WPTZ TV 5 will conduct a Candidate Debate on October 16th in Plattsburgh. I have not been invited to participate. Sinan Sadar, news director at TV 5 refuses to respond to my requests for dialogue. YNN TV 10 in Syracuse will conduct a Candidate Debate in Watertown later in the month. Once again, I have not been invited to participate. Michael Johnson, producer of Capital Now was willing to discuss YNN's decision to exclude the Green Party. He stated that only candidates who had received 10 percent respondent support in an independent poll were eligible to participate. He explained that this requirement had been created to eliminate candidates who were not serious about running. I countered that I was very serious about my campaign and that it had taken a significant amount of work to obtain the Green Party ballot line and to actively campaign across the large NY-21 district since beginning my campaign in July 2011. The League of Women Voters and the American Association of University Women are sponsoring a Candidate Conversations series that is produced and broadcast by WCKN TV, the Clarkson University television station. This series is the only avenue open to candidates for outreach to Clarkson University students. I have not been given the opportunity to participate in this candidate awareness building activity.

There are several reasons why powerful people attempt to silence the Green Party. The love of money and social status are at the center of the exclusionary behavior. The corporate controlled news media suppresses the voice of the Green Party because the corporations know that the Green Party is all about reducing the power of the corporations. The League of Women Voters is committed to the two party system. This most conventional institution finds the strong anti-corporate stance of the Green Party unpalatable. Clarkson University is in the business of producing corporate employees; the decision-makers at Clarkson see the Green Party as nothing but trouble.

I believe in fairness and freedom in all good things. I would very much like to participate in every opportunity to share my ideas and abilities with voters. I have given a considerable amount of thought to what can be done to counter the exclusionary acts of powerful people who oppose change. It is clear to me that going directly to the people is key to overcoming the bad behaviors of the powerful. I will conduct my voter outreach in public places including parks, hospitals, college campuses, beaches and high school sporting fields. I will speak every time I get a chance. I am.

Donald L. Hassig more than 3 years ago

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