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the interview with Jay Bryan

Hi, first I am an interested viewer of your channels and I'm sorry for my maybe bad English. I watched and listened carefully the interview with Jay Bryan and not beeing a separatist myself I did not agree with how he describe the situation in the province of Quebec. Yes it is corrupted in Quebec but first they take care of it now and secondly, maybe it is corrupted as much in other places where the politicians are involved or they accept to close their eyes... I dont know. About the election coming, I agree that it should not happen just because the parti Quebecois want the majority... It cost us 85 million of dolars for nothing. The parti Quebecois is to me, as wrong and hypocrit then the federalist party Liberal. The french language is predominant on public signs and often in English smaller. For the tourists downtown Montreal it is almost impossible to be served in French in the second largest city in the world... If you are English speaking you can be served or judge in court in the language of his choice. The gouvernement services are bilingual of course everywhere even far north in Lac Saint Jean or on the far East north shore of Saint Laurent gulf in Sept-Iles. So I dont know why Jay Bryan bad mouth that much the French community to our friendly American neighbors that you are in Vermont, and New Hampshere and New York but this guy is a trouble maker and he lie. The chart of value is only about the fact the province of Quebec is laic and that we dont want to be served, in the gouvernement institutions, buy employees who doesn't show their faces because of religion customs. For the Alophones and the English people living in Quebec, Maybe a very small minority of peoples really cares about all this hurricane in a glass of water. And most of the English people you meet on the streets of Montreal doesn't worry about the chart Thank you and have a nice day

Jean Laurin more than 2 years ago

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