PHOTOS: Josh Groban in Montreal - October 27, 2013



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Josh Groban Meet and Greet, and Concert

Thank you, Sharon, for your wonderful welcome. I was so thrilled to finally meet you. Thanks to PBS Mountain Lake for making it possible for my daughter, Lisa, my sister, Diane and me to meet Josh Groban and for an awesome and breathtaking concert afterwards. Meeting Josh Groban was a truly amazing and unique experience which I hope can happen again one day. He exudes such warmth, generosity and humility. The evening turned out to be one of the highlights of my life... It was also great to meet the other PBS people. Thanks also to Josh Clement for the photo-taking (by the way do you makeover photos?? Mine??? We are our own worst critics!!!) I truly hope to have another opportunity to help PBS Mountain Lake, especially if you can convince Josh Groban to return to Canada sooner rather than later!! All the best.

Julia Paulina Baldassarrini more than 2 years ago

Great Memories

Thank you for the great photo memories of a wonderful night meeting Josh Groban and hearing him sing and meeting all you nice people from Mountain Lake.

Sara more than 2 years ago

Thank you

Hello Sara, thanks for the kind words and for supporting Mountain Lake PBS. We appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the photos and the show. See you next time. -Josh (Interactive Producer)

Josh Clement more than 2 years ago

Photo questions

I wanted to show my neighbor the wonderful photos from the concert and me meeting Josh but where the photos used to be above is now just a white space for me. Were the photos taken down from the website, just wondering.

Sara Gresh more than 2 years ago

Josh Groban show

Thanks to the ladies who welcome us at thé Bell centre. What an amazing show lovrly meeting Josh Groban before the show. Thanks to my husband Daniel For that wonderful birthday gift . An expérience to remember ans to do a gain

Louise Nicol more than 2 years ago

Thank You!

Thank you so much Mountain Lake PBS! And thanks to Josh Clement for the great pictures! The concert was Amazing and meeting Josh Groban was incredible. What a kind and generous man he is! Looking forward to many, many more great PBS concerts and experiences. :)

Sandy more than 2 years ago

Thank You!

Thank you for the kind words and for supporting Mountain Lake PBS. I'm glad you had a great time and enjoyed the photos. Cheers! -Josh Clement (Interactive Producer) more than 2 years ago

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